FYSC March Submissions Thread

Pick up to 5 of your favourite submissions for this month!

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  • Captain Brown

  • Greenthumb

  • Sump Duck

  • Punktaku

  • Stoof

  • Lyndon

  • trollmeat

  • Pierric

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Sump Duck

Yak Comp 3rd Place
Mar 9, 2020
Welcome to the 'Finish Your Stuff Challenge' submissions thread for March 2022!

This thread is for submissions only so I would ask that you only make a single post once you are ready with your final submission for the month. You can add multiple photos to your post but please try not to add multiple photos of the same miniature, although you can edit multiple angles together into a single image if you need or feel so inclined.

The deadline for getting your submissions in is the end of the month and on the 1st of April this thread will have a pole added to it with all this months entries. You will then have until the 20th of April to cast your votes for your favourite 5 (or less if you're feeling stingy) after which the poll will close and a new submissions thread will be opened for the month of April.

This challenge is open to everyone, you don't need to have 'signed up' anywhere to enter something for any given month so can join in any month you have something finished to share. The same goes for voting, anyone can vote once the poll is open. The main FYSC 2022 thread can be found here!

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!


Executive Officer in charge of Fraggles
Staff member
Yak Comp 3rd Place
Oct 30, 2016
Durham, uk


Yak Comp 2nd Place
Jan 28, 2018
So I finished a few bits off my own.. but mostly for 2 months I have been doing a little work on my friends stuff as he has almost lost his sight so painting is now impossible and gaming is just about doable.
None of it my greatest work but I got paint on em all 😎💪

Got a smurf marine army.
A fantasy gold space marine army 🤣🤣🙈🙊
A load of chaos Gubbins 😁💪


Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Tribe Council
Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
March was very productive for me - the whole Deutsch Afrika Korps reinforced platoon for Bolt Action. And a Necromunda scum dude I used to trial the batch painting scheme for them.

Around 60 assorted infantry, support teams & gun crew, an 88mm Flak 36/37, Opel Blitz truck and a Panzer III.

And a bloke with an autogun.

More pictures of both in my plog.


Honored Tribesman
Jan 14, 2016
I've finished a lot more this month than I did last (which was not difficult as I finished nothing last month)

A Yakcomp entry of a Squat Beastmaster and some beasties.

Some worms

A repaired and redecorated building

And a couple of statues