FYSC May Submissions Thread

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Welcome to the 'Finish Your Stuff Challenge' submissions thread for May 2023!

This thread is for submissions only so I would ask that you only make a single post once you are ready with your final submission for the month. You can add multiple photos to your post but please try not to add multiple photos of the same miniature, although you can edit multiple angles together into a single image if you need or feel so inclined. And please keep comments in the main FYSC thread! Just to keep this thread clean for voting purposes.

The deadline for getting your submissions in is on June 2nd and then this thread will have a poll added to it with all this months entries. You will then have until the 20th of June to cast your votes for your favourites.

This challenge is open to everyone, you don't need to have 'signed up' anywhere to enter something for any given month so can join in any month you have something finished to share. The same goes for voting, anyone can vote once the poll is open.
Looking forward to seeing your submissions!
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I skipper a month been bussy. So ill but in s post for may. Was not sllowrd to post more than 10
May has been a terrain heavy month.
First I finished off my sump seas hab units (need another one?)
View media item 91294Then for YakComp “Feed Me Seymour” I finished my entry on time with The Sugar Bowl eatery. The chef was finished in April.
View media item 91292And finally, I built and finished a crash pad for visitors to my sump seas board, the Hotel Coral Essex.
View media item 91293And a couple of sump seas obstacles as well.
I'm hoping everyone got their pictures uploaded, we are now closed for entries. Poll is up, time for you all to dole out some points. Very nice turnout for May as well!
I know we're over time, but I'll give everyone a few hours still, in case you forgot to vote (as I did). I'll probably close the vote tonight, and put up a June entry thread.
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