FYSC May Submissions Thread

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Yak Comp 1st Place
Nov 10, 2014
Grumløse, Denmark
Welcome to the fifth FYSC submissions thread of 2024!

As previously on FYSC, the most important rule in the submissions thread is, only make one post with pictures of your finished models.
This is to avoid clutter and make it easier to set the vote up, and for yakkers to peruse when deciding who to vote for.
The rest of the rules are here, which is also where you can post banter/praise/questions about this and that.

Looking forward to seeing your finished stuff once again!
I managed some models for May (so far), it's been a productive month for me after a few of little to nothing:

Very much jumping around different eras and settings.
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Finished off some Orlocks, a couple of Hired Guns, and a D&D fighter/Dire Troll.





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Great work posted here so far. Got a soft spot for those old solitaires!

On top of the earlier Wraithguard, comic book style Skaven and Troll, I finished a couple of sideline staff for "Gorfrag's Gitflingas", my Orc BB team. They are Dok Gitsnip, the apothecary who nobody on the team wants to see, and Da Gaffa, an aged assistant coach in the act of bemoaning either a ref decision or his teams performance. I then scraped over my self imposed 5 model minimum by adding a couple of BB coins to May's tally.

Didn't get much finished in the end this month. It started well, but I've not managed to get much done over the last week or so. Anyway here are some big stompy robots.

Clan Jade Falcon: Delta Galaxy, Jade Phoenix

Clan Wolf-in-Exile: Linebacker and Timber Wolf

Clan Wolf-in-Exile: Cauldron Born, Shadow Cat and Grendel