N18 Gang help - Corpse Grinder Cult for skirmish games


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Jan 28, 2021
I’ve played war games but I’ve never played any of the GW games before.
That be said I'am learning rules for Necromunda, but I need help putting together a gang.
The idea is to join a group with a couple of friends and play games in such a way that gangs worth 1000 or 1500 points (not defined yet) will be made, from which members will be taken later, depending on the agreed point count. I am not limited by the choice of models, for a start I will use proxy models until I buy original one. Both types of maps will be played (Zone Mortalis and Sector Mechanicus).

The problem is that I have no idea what I should put in the gang.
I found on a goonhammer, in the necromancer section, these suggested builds but I don't know if they're well done, and I wouldn't want to handicap myself from a start with semi-usable gang:

Dan’s Out-of-the-Box Gang
Butcher - 130
Paired Butcher’s Chain Cleavers - 80
Commanding Presence

Cutter - 90
Paired Butcher’s Chain Cleavers - 80
Corpse Grinder Cult Icon - 40

Cutter - 90
Rotary Flensing Saw - 55
Rain of Blows

2x (Skinner - 40
Paired Butcher’s Chain Cleavers - 80)

3x( Initiate - 25
Pillar gun - 5
Boning Sword - 20
Smoke Grenades - 15)

TOTAL: 1000

and this one:

Butcher – 130
Paired Butcher’s Chain Cleavers – 80
Stimm-Slug Stash – 30
Bull Charge

2x(Cutter – 90
Paired Butcher’s Chain Cleavers – 80
Corpse Grinder Cult Icon – 40
Stimm-Slug Stash – 30

Skinner – 40
Butcher’s Cleaver – 25

Initiate – 25
Flensing Knife – 15
Smoke Grenades – 15

2x(Initiate – 25
Hand Flamer – 75)

TOTAL: 1000

So what do you think about these bands, which one would you choose, what would you change and how would you expand them to 1500 points?
If you have a completely different variant of your own, I am open to all suggestions.


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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
Heavy chain cleaver is THE weapon in the corpse grinder arsenal, followed by boning sword. Their efficiency to cost ratio is just through the roof when compared to other melee weapons. Of course, it's boring to just spam two different weapons. But you should consider having a few of each, at least.

Out of your lists, the first is preferable. More bodies and more smoke.

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Mar 8, 2019
On the second list, are you taking two cult icons? That seems a little unnecessary and the creds can probably be used to upgrade the skinners weapons

Regarding the lists, I agree with MrAndersson in that the first list is objectively better, smokes to obscure line of sight, then a big blob of cult icon boosted melee bois pushing the middle.

The second list is probably more fun, to play with and against - hand flamers are a great way to force your opponents to pay attention to your cheap initiates rather than your scarier models, so the same effect is achieved with both gangs

Re: melee weapons, CGC have so many rules stacked in their favour that they typically overkill non-Ogryns/Super-Goliaths - so often by buying bigger melee weapons your paying for extra overkill.