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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hello. I'd like to share a translated ruleset that I have been baking for quite some time. It is the Main Rulebook and a demo version of Campaign Rules as well as overhauled skill tables. Everything here is somewhat compatible with Gangs of the Underhive or House of X series, whichever you prefer. Be warned that some things like vanilla Corpse Grinders will be completely broken, so use some common sense when playtesting.

Gang Showdown - Main Rulebook - BETA
Gang Showdown - Campaign Rules (Demo) - 0.1
Gang Showdown - Trading Post - 1.1

I've been working on the Yaktribe Community Edition, but decided to rebrand it into a Gang Showdown. Firstly, it is a personal project and I want to avoid people confusing it with many other Necromunda rulesets (at this point a name "Necromunda" can mean an old ruleset, its fan rendition a.k.a NCE, a 2018 era books, ash wastelands, you get the idea). Secondly it brings so many changes to the game that calling it a "Necromunda" would be dishonest. Consider it being an evolution of Yakrtibe Community Edition. It is a solo project in terms of editing and document creation, however I've received a lot of help from my local group, a gaming club community and some yaktribers who wanted to continue working on the YCE.

1. Why? -Because I'm not a fan of the current state of the game. Check the Sump if you are curious.
2. Is it free? -Yes.
3. What comes next? -If my work gains traction, a reworked Campaign ruleset (I've done it in russian, and it has been playtested; however I do not want to waste time translating it if there is no interest), and eventually a Gang Creation book with all the traits, bells and whistles such as alternative champs, gravboards, brutes etc.
4. Are there vehicle rules? -No. That is because they are impossible to introduce into the base game, and I don't see the point in working on them. There are many fundamental problems which are impossible to adress such as the usual Necromunda terrain not being suitable for vehicles, as well as the scale of the game being unfit for vehicles in general.
5. Can I use your ideas for some houserules? -Yes. Just make sure to give a shotout to the ruleset if you publish it anywhere.
6. How can I help? -Spread the word, playtest it, suggest ideas. But most importantly, proofread and provide feedback, because unlike GW I'm willing to fix errors and typos.

  • Getting into close combat is easier (Charge is Mx2", enganging enemies is possible with other movement), but it is less deadly (a completely reworked CC similar to the Kill Team one)
  • Overhauled Psykers, who are no longer a joke.
  • General blast weapon nerfs.
  • Lots of quality of life improvements such as better movement system (jumping down, leaping gaps etc). The game should be generally faster.
  • No more tactic card decks (but they are kept as an option). Instead players use simplified 'Tactics' which do not require printing or purchasing decks from scalpers.
  • LD, WP, INT are useful now. For example bottling tests require LD and grant tactics, while Loot Caskets refund an action when opened as well as a tactic.
  • Clear and crispy definition for a lot of previously vague terms.
  • Overhauled XP and advancement system.
  • Giant killer and Underdog systems (called equalizer).
  • Lots of stuff really. Go check it out.
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I'm working on the tidying up the Main Rulebook after provided feedback. After that, perhaps, a short document with gangs and rebalanced weapons, similar to GoTU.
Have a simplified climbing example in the meanwhile.

Has there been any more work on this? I'm very curious to read more of your ideas
Yes, however I'm currently working on a russian rulebook update for the Gang Showdown. My playergroup is made of russian-speakers, so the rulebook is mainly written in russian. An english version of the rules is always lagging behind because of this.

If you can read russian or you'd settle for google translating some text, then check out this group in vk. There should be a major release between middle of the Febraury and start of the March. An english update should come on Yaktribe in the middle-end of summer - that is if IRL stuff won't ruin my plans.
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I've made a quick translation of Gang Showdown Trading Post. It has most of the usual weapons as well as reworked weapon traits.

The translation was done in a hurry using google translate and quick proofread with light touchups, so it might have weird wording. But at least it should provide a glimpse of what I was planning to implement later on.

A lot of weapon traits got reworked from scratch. They no longer require tideous rolling to save time (Scattershot is double the number of bullet holes on firepower dice instead of a separate D6 roll), most are conditionally triggered rather than on a natural 6. For example, Rending is triggered when the weapon causes any injury dice to be rolled and causes one additional injury die to be rolled.
Most OP weapons got a hefty nerf, Boltguns are 12"/24" +1/- S4 AP-1 D1 AM5+ Rapid Fire, Rending (note that the Rending got changed). This means that they still murder common gangers with 1 wound, but they might struggle chewing through multiple wounded enemies in one salvo. A grenade launcher's krak is now Limited and Limited got also reworked - now it forces an Ammo check whenever the profile is used similar to Grenades.

Anyways, hope you like the changes and any feedback would be welcome!
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Updated the main rulebook translation (now the OP has the link to a mega, which I'll try to keep updated) and editing.
I consider the core rules to be finished and properly playtested at this point (woo!), so now onto the gang creation and campaign mechanics.
How is the English translation of the Gang Creation PDF coming along? Super excited to try and playtest this soon.
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How is the English translation of the Gang Creation PDF coming along? Super excited to try and playtest this soon.
I've been working on the translation, and it is about 50% done, but recently I had to put a temporarily stop to it, because of job-related stuff. The gang creation PDF is gigantic, so it is a lot of tedious work.
This does not mean that I've abandoned the project, my middle-end of summer estimate still stands and I'll be putting my best effort to finish it.