N18 Gang Specific Terrain (House of… books)


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Oct 31, 2013
I’ve been looking for inspiration and found… not a lot.

I know that people have been making models to represent Gang Specific Terrain as spoken about in the “House of…” series of books.

What I thought might be useful is a thread for people to post not only pictures of their custom crafted masterpieces but also any comments on how they use them in games (or not), what’s hot and what’s not etc.

So let’s see your … Pillar of Chains, Amneo Canisters, Blade Cages, Chymist Cult Relic, Divine Brazier and Caged Heretics!! (Plus the other gangs stuff too)


(Orlock Road Relic. Builder: Fowler via Goonhammer)

I’ll post some of mine once I’ve actually assembled some!!

@Crazy Ivan I know you’ve done some items on your Road Hogs - any chance you could kick us off by posting up your images and what sort of utility you’ve got out of them??
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I saw this pillar of chains on Instagram. I think this is awesome. Much better than what I imagined.
Pillar of Chains
That Pillar of Chains is superb!! It is much better than what I imagined too.

Yes i also made on of these it have not been used much ingame. But it was fun to make. View attachment 173295View attachment 173296
Very nice gun turret! Ironically this Orlock piece seems to be the most commonly built one!

I think the Goliaths have a similar thing with a rivet cannon but no-one seems to have made one.

I suspect much of this scenery isn’t ever really used by players, or if it is it’s a proxy with pennies, bases or similar tokens.

I love the idea of some cool modelling projects though!!

not custom made , but still worth a look.
Cawdor repentance booth.

It doesn’t have to be scratch built - just as long as it’s cool - which that definitely is.
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Yes I would like to build some more special terrain. But there is a small gray pile i need to get through.
Goliath players, here’s some Furnace Plate Barricades too:


There’s also the original Aegis Defence walls if you can find them cheaply out there Kill Team barricades too. All good premade choices.
If you like your Terrain pre-made by GW, then it seems they’ve been watching as always and provided… for the wrong game.

They’ve issued this stuff for Kill Team but it’s clearly Necromunda Gang Relics!!


I can see an Escher Chymist Table there and a Van Saar Acheo-Terminal plus some Goliath Vats.

Could probably find a use for the other bits as well. Bit of field surgery in the marketplace with a Rogue Doc??

Oh btw, would be cool if you’d post your Goliath terrain over on the Gang Terrain thread, I was trying to gather a load of inspiration pictures for people as there doesn’t seem to be many around.

Thread 'Gang Specific Terrain (House of… books)'

Pillar of Chains and Ameno Canisters.

To me the Pillar of Chains needed to be something that could be moved around, if not during the battle then at least on a cart/vehicle, so the idea came that I’d have a champ carrying it. (Yes, it is a busted bit of printer). 😁

The Amneo Canisters are little Goliath vat babies, in Mountain Dew toxigreen plastic tubes with Tau lids. The bebes have heads from box o skulls, and greenstuff lil bodies.


One battle I had an opponent “steal” one of my clone babies, dragging it into their deployment, gaining valuable Juice DNA.