Gang Hero
Nov 27, 2013
Kangasala, Finland

Golem City is isolated part of the Necromunda where are literally thousands of cameras on drones and walls. Most of its inhabitants are unaware that they are constantly watched by millions viewers all over the Imperial Regime. It is a reality TV show where only the strongest shall survive!

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- NCE + OCE + Winterfell House Rules + Neophyte Hybrids

  • Gene Acolytes (Neophyte Hybrids) - @Loriel
  • Lemonade Gang (Goliaths) - @merc1170
  • Fury Road (Ash waste nomads) - @huann
  • Eschers - Armeli
  • Leadica (Cawdor) - @Hakkinen
  • Hosakas Pharmaceutical Corporation (Delaque) - @Mikumi
  • 8.9.2017 - 2 x Gang Fights, Gene Acolytes vs. Hosakas - Report
  • 19.8.2017 - Archeatech Rush, Gene Acolytes, Leadica, Fury Road, Eschers, Lemonade Gang - Report
  • 19.8.2017 - Scavengers Gene Acolytes vs. Eschers - Report
  • 19.8.2017 - Gang Fight Gene Acolytes vs. Leadica - Report
  • 18.8.2017 - Scavengers Gene Acolytes vs. Fury Road vs. Lemonade Gang - Report
  • 9.8.2017 - Interception, 2 x shootouts . Gene Acolytes vs Lemonade Gang - Report
  • 27.7.2017 - Gang Fight - Gene Acolytes vs Lemonade Gang - Report
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GO LEMONADES! Awooga Awooga Awooga!

Brilliant start! Really love the presentation! Can't wait to see the next episode/game/exhibition?! I'll definately be keeping an eye out and try to get a bet in next time!
Ah a revial of Winterfell, and the yambling! soo much joy!

Looks like a pretty rough hit for the cult in round 1 though dude!

How many guys you got in on the campaign this time round?
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@spafe Currently only 2 :D:D:D but hopefully I manage to corrupt more players to join. Right now our caming club has high tendency on 9th age and warhammer 40k. But I am pretty sure that I manage to recruit new people as well recorrupt old ones :D I actuallyt started to make introduction video to our campaign and if everything goes well I prolly get it done in the near future :D

And I like it when things go little harsh, only thing that really bugs me that my leader got 3 x wounding hits on the fight and got killed by falling off to str 2 strike :D Apparently he fell right on to his head. But all in all I am used to fight as underdog :D
Finnish tv rocks! :LOL:
(It's definately an unexpected plot twist for the moomins!) :p
Good stuff loriel! I can forsee a hive hoe poster featuring in my terrain in the future!
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HIVE HOOOES! Incase you didn't realize the song is from snow white and seven dwarfs Heigh Ho. i started to envision this "walled" shanty town that could be called Shag Town. And it is the favorite place where hivers goes when they are off from work! naturally after Hive Guys burger!

@KungFuPanda yeah, little homage to games of my youth :D

Now we had 15 people boardgame weekend event at rented cabin in middle of woods. We played many games such as blood bowl, small world, dominion, race for the galaxy, scythe, muchkin, dixit, power grid, Malifaux and naturally Necromunda. I managed to play total 4 games during the weekend as well some other boardgames. Here is reports from them.





For the archeotech rush we had rather simply rules:
  • 12 loot counters
  • Each player rolls d6 at the start of battle on 4+ they get two fighters as reinforcement and 1-3 only one. Either case the fighter is randomized.
  • We had only 36x36 table with those tiles so we used d8 to determine from which 12 x 12 square edge fighters are going to be deployed. They may perform normally when entering game and even charge.
  • For bottle rolls we had it so that even if all the fighters are out of action during the first couple turns bottle roll is rolled with leaders (even if not in board) or next highest LD from incoming reinforcement.
This scenario reflects idea that archeotech hoard is discovered and everybody is rushing to it. Reason why everybody comes from random side means that they are in diffreent places, perhaps visiting hookers or girlfriends, perhaps collecting fees. And because the gangs are scattered around they are not able to form good task force but simply tries to run towards the treasure.




this is a very cool way to do battle reports, except that trying to read it on a smart phone is a bit of a pain. ah well, keep up the good work!
hey, how well does the battle board you made work with scenery? i noticed you were using it in these reports. everything stable?
@Punktaku surprisingly stable even though the board is really... pumpy?... Naturally it requires little adjustment but usually you can place almost anything to almost everywhere by making little adjustments. I also intend to do more terrain that fits better visually on the Golem City as of now most of the scenery we are using is still done for the old Venice board.

Hopefully you still have access to computer or even tablet so you can read the report betterly
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