Gangs Vs. Kill Teams

What I would like to see is a short campaign of SWA orks versus GorkaMorka orks versus ORB Munda orks. That might be the best way to show any confusions due specifically to lists and equipment. [1o credits equals 10 points equals 1 teef]
That sounds like you’ve got 3 out of the six Klans represented!! 🤣

SW:A Goff
GoMo: Evil Sunz
ORB: Blood Axe
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SWA has six clans available as variants. GorkaMorka has two additional variants (non Klan). Original Rule Book has ... not really Klans as variants, more like the Rogue Trader "they use anyfing" version. So that's nine different equipment/skill list variations, but all orks, all avoiding pinning, all with the same starting stats. I am curious as to how well it would balance overall - would it be akin to the ORB plus Outlanders? Or would one variation prove repeatedly far and away superior?
Holy Crap! I'm glad to hear somone had a good time with this merging of campaign systems.

I still think you can run SWA squads as baseline infantry in a military command heiarachy. This would do a lot to explain their funding structure and their need to lock down power sources (Isotopic fuel rods, Promethium, reactor pylons, etc, whatever...). Energy infrastruture would be a huge facet of hive warfare as forces move through that landscape, establish a front, and maintain communication & supply lines.

The gangs and to some extent inquisimunda warbands would function more autonomously and have a vested interest in local teritory holdings and income they could spend in diverse maketplaces.

That the two types of squads would invetably come into conflict, would be a simple narrative in any hive landscape. Much like the open ended sandbox that 40K was supposed to be.
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