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Jul 16, 2014
Wyke Road, Weymouth, Dorset
Welcome Waste-landers.

As I managed to get distracted by research for a document on Dr. Who, I have not progressed on my various projects as far as I would have liked. However, the biggest project is the War Rig for my Mishkin team, Medical Mayhem, which will sport two modular turrets once completed. One on the cab and the other on the trailer unit.

Starting with a Dickie Toys Car Carrier which is roughly 1/64 scale, I stripped it down and gathered parts from my various bits boxes that i thought may look right for the project.

As Mishkin has access to an Experimental Nuclear, I decided it would be a cool thing to mount on a War Rig. The Sub-assembly for the core is made up of nine parts held together by generous amounts of hot glue. The outrigger turbines and turret mount will sit atop this.

The Dry fitted sub-assemblies can be seen in the following pictures. The track assemblies are from an Airfix 1/76 Tiger I tank and the turbines are from a 1/48 AH-64 Apache that have been floating around for so long I can't remember which model firm they came from.

The hitching point will have to be moved back when I start the trailer unit as the reactor is a smidge too long to allow articulation.
Eventually, I plan to mount green light bars to tie it to the rest of the team as each vehcle will be painted in its own individual colours that relect its role.

Apologies for the slight graininess of the pics. They are snapshots from my Video Camera which has a smaller data size than my standard camera.
Yasss, show me all the things!1!

Ahem, what I meant to say was, please keep us updated. You've started this thread just as I was thinking about getting more into Gaslands after a long Necromunda stint.
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There'll be no blaming, those are the exact reasons I got in to it. I have a full 5 teams planned and ready for building, but as I mentioned I've been sidetracked by necromunda. My enthusiasm is bubbling back up, though. And this thread can only amplify that. :giggle:
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Size comparison using a car that came with the Car Carrier, painted as a performance car with a roof scoop, and a Matchbox Jaguar F-Type Coupe.

I took the pic from the opposite side as there are some minor differences in detail on the Jet Engine pods.
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Not posted for some time, though I haven't stopped gaming or building. Just not been as active.

To give you all an idea what I've been up to, I can report that I've played a few games of Gaslands with a friend in Taunton and come up with some builds that are for the most part very themed.
In Sept 2021 I ran a demo for Gaslands which had a good response with 10 people showing up to take part. All who played and our host, Boss Minis, recieved a free car if they wanted it. I am now planning to run a campaign/league if any local players are interested.

Completed: *
In Build: *
Any Vehicle listed without symbols are to be aquired

Teams/Cars I'm working on or have completed are as follows:

Gunmen of the Apocalypse [Red Dwarf]

Sponsor: Highway Patrol

Lister: Brett Riverboat
Truck *: Caltrop Dropper, Improvised Sludge Thrower, Roll Cage, Taunt
Cans: 24

Kryten 2X4B-523P : Sheriff
Performance car *: Glue Dropper, Roll Cage, Louder Siren and P.I.T.
Cans: 26

Cat: The Riviera Kid
Car: Twin HMG's, Smoke Dropper, Taunt
Cans: 21

Rimmer: Dangerous Dan McGrew
Performance car +: Ram, Smoke Dropper, Tracks and Hell for Leather
Cans: 29

Medical Mayhem

Sponsor: Mishkin

Doctor: Killdare
Performance car *: Thumper, Extra Crew Member, Mobile Mechanic
Cans: 26

Coroner: Tod Quincy
Car +: Death Ray [F], Ram [F], Mobile Mechanic
Cans: 22

Car +: Combat Laser [F], Roll Cage, Mobile Mechanic, Loader, Head Shot
Cans: 30

Ambulance +: Arc Lightning Projector [F], RC Car Bombs [R] Tank Tracks, Mobile Mechanic
Cans: 36

Mobile Medical Centre
War Rig +: Ram [FC], Death Ray[TC], Ram[ST], Combat Laser [TT], RC Car Bombs [RT], Tracks, Experimental Nuclear Engine, Loader, Rapid Fire, Head Shot, Whizzbang, Mobile Mechanic, Eureka
Cans: 100

Plague Doctor [See Major Grom: Plague Doctor for inspiration]

Sponsor: Verney

Plague Doctor
Heavy Truck +: Ram [F], Napalm Dropper*3, Smoke Dropper*2, Molotov Cocktails, Improvised Sludge Thrower, Splashback, Whizzbang, Mobile Mechanic, Eureka
Cans: 50

Car *: Ram [F], Napalm Dropper [R], Smoke Dropper [R], Molotov Cocktails, Dead Weight, Whizzbang, Mobile Mechanic
Cans: 25

Car *: Napalm Dropper*2 , RC Car Bombs [R], Whizzbang, Mobile Mechanic, Eureka
Cans: 25
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