Gateway to Galargos - Pigmar Bath Necromunda Campaign 2024

Nov 27, 2017
Somerset, UK
First time making a campaign thread, please do stick your noses in and let me know if I've missed anything, or ways I could improve this.

So! I have been asked to be Arbitrator for a campaign being run by my local wargames group here in North-East Somerset, and after much deliberation I decided to do something really, really silly.

The premise is that this is an Outlander Campaign, but rather than a single settlement that people are merely trying to survive in, that the gangs are trying to make the best tourist trap-style resort for rich uphivers to come on Ambull shoots etc in a new and exotic hive that's been recently unbarred from entry. (Imperial Decree pending).

The Campaign is a long and slow burn, to run until the end of June next year, with each cycle being effectively a month (people having pesky things like 'lives' and 'jobs' and 'families' mean that it often takes a while to arrange a proper match).

The campaign will kick off on the 27th of the month with a mixture of the Bar Brawl and Auction House Raid small scenarios to represent the Hives Under The Hammer special devolving into traditional Necromundan gang violence with the winner of the brawl getting first rights to pick a starting location.

You can access the full campaign pack here (the last few pages are for those group members not used to Yaktribe) if you want to catch up on the lore. And hey, if you're in the area and want to drop down for a night, maybe we can find something for you to do plot-wise!:

The monthly report will be via a .pdf style newspaper called 'The Sumptown Screamer', which you can read the first edition of here:

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Sounds like a really fun premise for a campaign. Need to look at the materials you’ve shared but I can imagine some outlandish uphive dwellers making appearances under your control.
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Sounds like a really fun premise for a campaign. Need to look at the materials you’ve shared but I can imagine some outlandish uphive dwellers making appearances under your control.
Thank you! Since this is my first time running a campaign I'm going to try and keep the 'Arbitrator intervention' to a minimum, but that's certainly a fun idea to curb runaway success, that they're constantly dealing with Brats etc.
In the time honoured tradition of all Arbitrators, I've gone and had a rough couple of weeks and not finished a whole bunch of the stuff I promised I would do. Below is an AAR of our opening game, which was a custom scenario using the theme of the 'Pit Fight' scenario from the main rulebook (everyone has three wounds to begin with, and escalating weapons), with the caveat that if someone died, they could take over one of the Hive Scum. The goal was to be the last man standing, and also to loot Totally-Not-Dion-Dublin's stash to get first dibs on selecting territories.


Palatine Enforcer Report

Subject: Brownpool-By-The-Sumpsea Auction House Brawl

The following is a summation of the approximate events that occurred on 331.23 to the best of His Eminence’s peacekeepers’ knowledge. May He Above judge and take us if our information is found to be lacking.

Suspect descriptions:

- known Orlock gang member contracted to the Beam-Suntory Company, real name Blaser Jagdwaffen.
(ALostOne/Phil R.)

- known Van Saar gang member of the 'Radfire Rangers'.
(Gozicus/Lyle C.)

- known Escher gang member contracted to Central Amazonian Trading Services, nickname name short for ‘Jellylorum’.
(LordDowlander/Rory F.)

- the only known title for the xenos aberrant seen at the auction house brawl. Further case information to be held under Magenta level classification.
(/Mike A.)

- known Escher gang member of 'The NightHaunt'.
(Malfice27/Martin M.)

- suspected Goliath gang member, but not in any reports found. Xenos-taint suspicion voiced by Patrolman Blacer discarded as needless fear mongering.
(Salarath/George N.)

- known Escher gang member of the ‘Princesses’ - a gang who put aside all previous identities and name themselves after great heroes of Ancient Terra.
(Edbait/Ed M.)

- identified runaway servitor of 'Shift Team 44-B'. Unknown how it managed to get into the auction. Investigation ongoing.
(Balls [Adept]/Rob H.)

- potential affiliation with Helot Gang ‘Cult of Zardan’. A missing persons report was filed by his next of kin several months ago reporting that Argall had become ‘delusional’, seeing ‘wondrous things where they were otherwise very ordinary’ and talking about finding a ‘higher power’. Further case information to be held under Vermillion level classification.
(Doglobro/Jordan F.)

Turn 1

The fight began by Jag charging Jelly, though neither managed to land any damaging blows despite an impressive number of sixes to hit from both members. Jelly disengaged, which would set the tone for those two throughout the game. Most of the other gangers spent this turn moving into position - Chrom dived for cover under the auctioneer’s stairs (again, starting as they mean to go on…).

The two Xenos forces skirted the edge of the main auction floor, Luginz the west and Princess the east. Throgg and Argall came in through the more traditional entrances, Argall hitting the deck behind cover, unaware of the deactivated combat servitor behind him. Jade was the only one to take a shot this turn, and promptly missed.

Turn 2

Jag charged Jelly again, but it was he who got wounded by the Escher’s reaction hit (#metoo), before they began an ineffectual slap fest. Seeing her ‘sister’ under attack, “Princess” broke cover and charged in a double move towards Jelly in front of Jade - who very sensibly decided to back away and take cover.

Chrom got to his feet, very slowly making it towards the auctioneer, while Luginz also broke from cover, charging towards the plinth.

Meridia joins in the plight of her fellow Escher, charging Jag but failing to wound him. Throgg and Argall continue to move towards the fight from the back of the auction hall.


The state of play at the end of Turn 2.

Turn 3

Jag decides enough is enough trying to use the butt of his shotgun, successfully retreats, lowers his shotgun at Merida and causes two wounds to her. Chrom runs to the auctioneer and falls at his feet, begging for an autograph.

The fight begins in earnest on the floor - Jelly takes a revenge shot at Jag but misses with her needle rifle. Princess charges towards Jag as well, and Jade takes a shot with her lasgun, pinning him but not causing any damage.

At this point, seeing a Good Scrap, Luginz charges Princess and wounds her, but receives a wound in turn. Meridia gets to her feet and scrambles up the stairs after Chrom, with Throgg hard on her heels, made even worse when Argall hits a shot that pins her.

Turn 4

Jag slams a scattershot round into his shotgun and fires on both Princess and Luginz, reducing them both to one wound. Having successfully got Dean Dyflinn’s autograph, Chrom aims down his lascarbine and injures the auctioneer.

Jelly shoots at the downed Luginz but fails to wound him. Princess then attacks the downed ‘Goliath’ but he retaliates better, causing another flesh wound. When it’s his turn to fight, the same result occurs - he misses, while she causes the ork a flesh wound.

Jade took a shot at Chrom but missed, as Meridia attempts to back away from Throgg, her auto pistol jammed and desperately parrying the lobo-servitor’s successful axe hits.

Argall took a shot at Chrom too but missed, winging one of Dyflinn’s servitors.

Turn 5

Jag fires another scattershot template at Princess and Luginz, injuring the ‘Goliath’ and putting another two flesh wounds on the Genestealer Hybrid.

On the auction platform, having had enough of cowering around, Chrom takes one last shot and executes the auctioneer. Both the servitors come online but miss their shots at him.

Jelly takes a shot at Throgg, causing a fleshwound, as Princess staggers to her feet and moves towards Throgg once more. Jade bursts from her hiding spot to take a shot at Argall, hitting and wounding him while Luginz crawled to safety under a market stand, moaning in pain.

Meridia once again fails to disengage from Throgg, but in all the subsequent rounds he can only inflict one flesh wound on her. Argall takes a final shot at Princess and kills her! At this point the combat servitor behind him charges and wounds him with its’ servo-claw.

Turn 6

Jag decides enough is enough and sprints to cover behind one of the walkways, while Chrom takes shots at the helpless Meridia, hitting her but failing to cause a wound. Jelly takes a shot with her needle gun at Throgg and fails to wound, running out of ammo in the process.

At this point one of the hive scum (Huds McKenzie) activates and moves up from behind jade, shooting her in the back at near point blank range… and misses.

Jade took a shot at Throgg and wounded him again, while Luginz got to his feet at last, taking a shot at Jade but missing. Again, the stalemate between Meridia and Throgg continued, neither able to land a hit on the other. Argall attempted to disengage from the servitor but failed, and was killed by its’ retorting action.

At this point, Luginz realised ‘e might ‘ave cause a bit too much of a ruckus, an’ da boss would ‘ave ‘is ‘ead, so ‘e decided to leg it fer now. (Player had to leave early).

Turn 7

Jag returns to the object of his affections, hitting Jelly but causing no damage - with a useless weapon she simply runs away from him next turn. Above them, Chrom successfully loots the auctioneer, getting out with the priority codes for the property deeds, meaning the Van Saar will get first dibs on location for the campaign.

Huds McKenzie takes another shot at Jade and pins her, but does more damage. Still focused on the threat to her fellow Escher, Jade instead shoots at Throgg, and causes another wound to him.

Meridia finally reloads her pistol, and this time slashes Throgg, downing him and forcing him to crawl away in pain from her. Another hive scum (Hendryllin) shoots at Jade with a solid slug and kills her.

Turn 8

Jag now takes a shot at Meridia with his scattershot, killing her and putting another flesh wound on Throgg. Chrom dives backwards off the platform, taking some damage from the fall but now out of the servitors’ line of fire. Jelly charged Jag in response, but once again neither could land an effective it on the other.

Huds McKenzie now took a shot at the ogryn, but missed. Another scum (Jeeroy Lenkins) took a shot at Jag, but ended up hitting Huds in the back instead. Meridia took a few final shots at Throgg, who got up from his wounding and now ran for Chrom.

Hendryllin realises this is way more than he signed up for and bugs out. (Player had to leave)

Turn 9

In both their turns, Jag and Jelly ineffectually slap at each other with their weapon butts, causing few hits and no damage.

Chrom takes a shot at Throgg and successfully pins him.

Huds McKenzie stands up and shoots Jeeroy Lenkins once more, pinning him. Once again, full of indignancy against the enemies of House Escher, Jeeroy takes a shot at Jag, pinning him.

Meridia leaps off the platform to take Throgg down for good, but is killed in the retaliation strike instead.

Turn 10

At this point, the Enforcers finally enter the premises to restore order. (Time ran out, we had to wrap the game up)
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