Necromunda Gauging interest in Necromunda collection sale.


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Oct 1, 2018
West Greenwich, RI
Greetings fellow Yaks. As I've mentioned, I retired over a year ago and moved into a new home. I'm trying to downsize my gaming collection and one of the things I'm wanting to unload is my huge pile of Necromunda. It's taking up quite a bit of space, there's no local following for it and honestly, I'm just over GWs shenanigans with it.

I've got stuff from the very beginning from the original starter box (fully painted) to things up to right around Dark Uprising. I have books, dice, card decks, terrain, miniatures (including Forge World) you name it. Yeah, I kind of went crazy with nostalgia. I'm NOT looking to scalp or make a profit I just want to move it out of my storage unit and try and recoup some of the cost. I'd probably sell it in lots, so as not to get stuck with odds and ends that I can't get rid of and post a few things at a time on a first come, first served basis.

Would the Tribe be interested, or should I take my stuff elsewhere? As the thread header says, I'm trying to determine the amount of interest here before posting sales.

I think you wouldn't have too much trouble selling the stuff you described. The thing is though, my gut feeling is that you would get a better deal on Ebay or something similar. And there would be tools to help.

here you would likely have to set prices and have a smaller pool of interested people. But the advantage is that you would make some tribesmen very happy and maybe make friends who will put in extra effort to check out your threads.
I'm REALLY not worried about getting the most money for my stuff. I'd rather have it go to people in this community who would appreciate it and put it to use rather than some e-vil-Bay scalper who'd turn around and resell it for a ridiculous price. I mean, I can do that MYSELF. LoL.
@Punktaku why the tears?

I've started cleaning the storage unit so I'll probably have my Necromunda stuff dug out by this weekend. I'll post something after I sort it out and make a list.