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GorkaMorka GCE Core Rules (community edition) 1.31

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Feb 17, 2011
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Flamekebab submitted a new resource:

Gorkamorka Community Edition Core Rules - The GCE battle rules (not the campaign stuff)

The GCE implementation of the Gorkamorka rules for battles. Campaign rules and everything else are in other documents.

This document was written by Benjamin Fox and Michael Haslam with editing by Matthew Bester. It is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Diagrams created by Benjamin Fox,...

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Flamekebab updated Gorkamorka Community Edition Core Rules with a new update entry:

1.0 -> 1.21

  • Setting up the board section with table edge diagrams
  • Scrap counter rules
  • Tidied up Warriors on Fire
  • Moved the “Ending the Game” section
  • Corrected the Gas engines rules
  • Minor changes to wording here and there
  • Tweaked the chasing rules slightly to be closer to the originals
  • Added a vague description of Gubbinz
  • Added variable save Modifiers
  • Dealt with a duplicate section on Pinning...

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Thanks! The team really worked hard on this.

Ultimately these PDFs are snapshots of the actual rules. The actual rules aren't as stylish and live in a Google Docs file.
For example the Core Rules live here.

The campaign book is here - the current goal being to hit a simple 1.0. Once that's done we can start bolting on additional campaign stuff and building it out. It's going to be a bit bare bones to start with but eventually it should contain all sorts of good stuff.
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Flamekebab updated GCE Core Rules (community edition) with a new update entry:

1.21 -> 1.3

Version 1.3 – January 2023

Changelog for 1.21 -> 1.3:

  • Added generic Initiative Tests and Leadership Tests to the statline section
  • Added rules for forts
  • Added rules for moving boards
  • Made bikes a type of small Vehicle rather than their own type
  • Added diagrams explaining ramming
  • Added diagrams explaining swerving
  • Standardised on “difficult ground” rather than a mish-mash of “difficult terrain” and...

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