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Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Flamekebab, Sep 15, 2018.

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    You might have seen on tUGS or in the vault that the first release of the GCE Core Rules are now available. There's not many changes at the moment although as we all find them (you included!) we'll be amending the document.

    Current changes:
    • Artillery dice are gone. Scattering weapons now use a D6.
    • Weapons that do multiple damage now do multiple points of damage to vehicles.
    • Warriors on overwatch may use sustained fire weapons.
    • Warriors thrown overboard after losing a boarding action now don't scatter when they're thrown overboard.
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    Been taking a read through and like what I see so far. The descriptions are a bit more straight forward.

    I did not see anything about getting on/off vehicles that have not used their Thrusters. On pg33 of the GoMoORB, it says,
    "Models can get on or off a vehicle before it uses its thrusters in complete safety." I did not see that mentioned in the CE draft. Maybe I missed it.

    And wow...the multiple damage results to vehicles is huge! Gotta kustumize me a Rokkit Launcha! Boom! Will be interesting to see how that affects game balance.

    I think I like just placing the loser of a HTH on a vehicle 2" behind the vehicle. Little simplifications like that I think will really help the gameplay. Of course, the question is then, what happens if there is another vehicle in that 2"? And who places the loser? It could make a difference. Place him on the right edge of the behind quadrant and the loser get's Rammed next turn, falls to the left and he's safe, for example.
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    Excellent! I'd imagine when we're done we'll want to review the whole thing and see what can be tightened up but we're not constrained by word count so we can afford to spell things out more explicitly!

    You didn't miss it - it's not in there. Found that out whilst playtesting a few weeks back! Oops. It'll be in the next revision!

    I've always felt it was daft that things like Krak grenades and Rokkit Launchas are not particularly effective against vehicles. It seems completely backwards! Those weapons should be terrifying!

    Lots of those little things are the problem with much of the original game, I feel. There's a lot of dice rolling and faffing about that has next to no positive impact on the game itself. They do slow things down though and that can really upset the momentum of a game.

    A clarification of what should happen in that specific instance is probably sensible!
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