N18 Genestealer Cult Adept and Wyrd Power Access


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May 13, 2015
Looking around and cross checking with Necrodamus I still can't tell what wyrd powers the Genestealer Cult Adept has access to.

This thread clarifying wyrd powers doesn't clarify things for me. The conclusion was that all psykers gain access to a skill and a power at start, and all psykers get access to "general" powers. That jibes with Necrodamus, which says the Adept can:
Choose 1 Primary skill & 1 Wyrd Power (Cult or universal)

But what does "universal" mean? Someone in the thread I linked above said:
[Book of Outcasts] is explicit that any non named psyker has access to the Outcast disciplines.
Does this mean I should be able to build an Adept with a Telepathy Power that isn't on the Cult Wyrd list (like Maddening Visions for example)? Or does "universal" really mean Universal as in Concentrate and Maintain Control? If that's the case, why mention it, because every Psyker has those powers automatically and I wouldn't ever choose it?

If I was just doing pencil and paper I might never have asked, but I'm trying to use the Underhive gang builder and I can't figure out how to add powers outside the Cult Wyrd list to my Adept, which makes me think I'm reading things wrong.

Looks like I use the term 'universal' too much. The "Universal" wyrd power category that contains Concentrate and Maintain Control is something I made up. They are actually actions that all psykers have access to. To choose a Wyrd Power from Cult or universal doesn't mean Concentrate and Maintain Control, as you point out that doesn't make sense. Problem is I don't have a name for universal wyrd powers. Suggestions? And no, can't use Outcast as name because that's taken by a gang, and those wyrd powers aren't unique to that gang but applies to all gangs and also an Outcast gang doesn't even necessarily have wyrd powers (depending on how you set it up).
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Thanks for replying so quick. I think the Necrodamus document (which is god-tier amazing by the way) is pretty clear already, but maybe Common is a better word for the outcast powers? They're commonly available but not universally used? Or Concentrate/Maintain Control could be Generic? I'm sure there's a more 40k-ish term we're missing.
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Good discussion as I am trying to figure this out using an Adept for the first time. Sorry for the newbie question, but does that mean when I create a gang for a campaign, I can choose ONE power (skill) from the Cult Wyrd Power list? Or do we get access to all of those powers automatically?
The thing about Necromunda is that leaders and champions start with 1 skill. Then came psykers and a psychic power is basicly the same as a skill only usable by psychers. So you get 1 skill and 1 power. Because psychic powers are mostly worse than skills, so otherwise who would take the power? But you can't get all of them, nobody gets a bunch of "skills" for free, psychic powers aren't that bad (or are they?).
Really depends on the power you pick. Some are useless, there is a psyker Ogryn brute out there with a power to modify ranged weapons but the brute has no ranged weapons, while some are overpoweredly awesome, like the genestealer mind control power.

In general most common psykers are weaker than a comparable champion, Disciples and Witch, so a skill and a power helps redress the balance a bit.