N17 Genestealer Cult Gang Updated

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by DerekDecker, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. almic85

    almic85 Gang Hero

    Invulnerable saves are used for all sorts of things these days and are much more common in 8th ed 40k than NCE and 2nd Ed 40k. That said N17 doesn’t ever use the terminology “invulnerable save”.

    It is always written out the same way as the GSC rules in the rulebooks (check forcefields).

    The wording for dodge isn’t exactly short either! And this rule is slightly different as it Only applies on blast and template weapons and doesn’t allow you to reposition the model (I am half expecting the next GW will update the dodge skill in line with this).

    If this fighter suffers a wound from a ranged or close combat attack, roll a D6. On a 6, the attack is dodged and has no effect; otherwise continue to make a save roll as normal.
    If the model dodges a weapon that uses a Blast marker or Flame template, a roll of 6 does not automatically cancel the attack – instead, it allows the fighter to move up to 2’’ before seeing whether they are hit. They cannot move within 1’’ of an enemy fighter.
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  2. Devilmixer

    Devilmixer Ganger

    I dont think there is a rule for Invulnerble save in N17
  3. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    We don't play weekly and have no arbitrator :p
  4. Eddie Barnes

    Eddie Barnes New Member

    As far as I can see, the Gang Manager here doesn't align with the new PDF like, at all. Am I missing something?
  5. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
    Honored Tribesman

    The new PDF came out a day or two ago. Things haven't been updated yet.
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  6. Eddie Barnes

    Eddie Barnes New Member

    Okay, cool, I was just thrown off because some of it IS updated - the Alpha was added and the Neophytes have been split into early and late generations.
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  7. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
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    Possibly still work in progress. I'd say give Malo a bit of time, but then if you notice any errors point them out.
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  8. FerociousBeast

    FerociousBeast Gang Champion

    So, fluff-wise, in the new PDF apparently GSCs in the wild have no access to purestrain genestealers, but still try to convert people to the cause and drag them off into the shadows and whatnot. But, I thought the way a normal human was "converted" to the cult was by a purestrain "kiss" and implantation. Has this changed in the fluff, or am I missing something?
  9. SirFrog

    SirFrog Gang Champion

    I'm guessing there's a purestrain somewhere "back at base", but it's otherwise busy with hunting all on its own and won't just follow it's children into battle just because they want to.
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  10. Stoof

    Stoof Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Yes, I'd say there's probably a purestrain somewhere, but they were so overpowered in the ORB/NCE that the designers made a decision not to allow them in gangs - an entirely sensible decision if you ask me! Ironically they have not been included in N17 whilst N17 gangs are typically equipped with such weapons and armour that they might actually have been able to take out a purestrain!
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  11. FerociousBeast

    FerociousBeast Gang Champion

    A Purestrain would make a dandy brute for a GSC gang, in my humble yet accurate opinion :)
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  12. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger


    Even 40k kits are lazy now, you get 3 pick and 2(3?) Hammer for a 5 man squad. Can't even arm a full squad with the same weapon. And they're (probably) gonna sell this single sprue kit at 40US$. Literally the only "option" here is 11 derpy tongue sticking out heads and the stop sign.
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  13. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

    For 40k the difference between the pick and the hammer may not be so marked.
  14. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

    No, Hammer cost 16 point and have a -1 penalty to hit. Pick cost 10 pts and have no penalty to hit, but have less strenght and D3 damage. Penalty to hit and high price make Hammer a very undesirable choice.
  15. Ml2sjw

    Ml2sjw Gang Champion

    I stand corrected I'm am very much out of the loop on 40k
  16. Strat_N8

    Strat_N8 Juve

    Liking the new rules a lot but a small part of me is a bit irked that the "Acolytes" now include 3rd and 4th generation hybrids instead of being purely the 1st and 2nd generations. People at our gaming group already mix up the Neophytes and Acolytes, so it will just make things even more confusing! :p

    Actually in 40k the Hammer is generally viewed as the more competitive choice of the two due to the S10 and 3 damage. The penalty to hit modifier isn't that big of a concern as the commonly brought Primus provides a +1 to hit bubble that counteracts it and the ability to wound almost everything in the game on a 3+ or a 2+ makes them very reliable at putting damage on multi-wound targets.
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  17. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    I'm finding myself kind of annoyed that the Abominant is supposedly exclusive to the Tooth and Claw set. I've already got Aberrants that I've made out of Bloodreavers, but a weird Aberrant with a familiar would be quite excellent.

    Edit: Speaking of, I wonder if these guys would make decent familiars?

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  18. Devilmixer

    Devilmixer Ganger

    it will get a release on its own down the line I am sure
  19. bakalite

    bakalite New Member

    HI ..why aberrant now costs 90 (but the new cost is 95).and how can i chose the psy power (like forse blast) for alpha? yhanks
  20. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    What do you mean? Aberrant old cost 90, Aberrant new cost 95.
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