N17 Genestealer Cult Gang Updated

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by DerekDecker, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Eddie Barnes

    Eddie Barnes New Member

    The Gang Manager isn't updated yet.
  2. bakalite

    bakalite New Member

    ok thanks, when it would be uptated?
  3. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    The rules was released this week, you should allow some time for it to be implemented. I have barely had time to add it to my rules set yet (and that's just a text document).

    Also, it's a good thing to mention that you're talking about the Gang Manager...
  4. bakalite

    bakalite New Member

    Thanks very.much.I think you had make a.great job !
  5. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Did you notice that the Familiar doesn't have the same skill limitation as the rest of the Exotic Beasts? According to GW3, those Exotic Beasts only have 3 skills from each category available.

    Does this apply to the Familiar too, or can it have any skill from Agility and Cunning?
  6. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Sorry I have not done anything for Gang Manager, just saying such things take time.

    I have one hell of a rules document though, pm me if you're interested :p
  7. SirMattius

    SirMattius Ganger

    Psyker powers are for the Adept only.
  8. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    You can't choose psychic powers for Alphas. Adepts are Magi; Alphas are like a Primus which is not a psyker.
  9. bakalite

    bakalite New Member

    ah ok...sorry , thanks a lot
  10. Nicos

    Nicos New Member

    How long do you think will it take to Update the Gang Manager?

    The possibilities here are awesome. I would like to use them ^^
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  11. privateer4hire

    privateer4hire New Member

    Well, I'm just glad I bought a White Dwarf solely to have the new GSC rules for Necro.
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  12. Vonvilkee

    Vonvilkee Gang Hero

    On the upside we can now ditch the mag and get that space back... but I miss the higher quality print
  13. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    Get it printed out at a local copy shop. High quality print on nice paper. Not that expensive.
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  14. Vonvilkee

    Vonvilkee Gang Hero

    I even have one of those! Good call
  15. Mike Martin-White

    Mike Martin-White New Member

    Hi, New to munda, I want to run cult but have noticed none of the weapon rules are in the new GW download can anyone tell me which Gang War book they are in. Obviously the common ones are easy I am talking about Gene cult specifics like webbers, mining lasers etc? Many Thanks
  16. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law Gang Hero

    The full armoury (and trading post to buy them) can be found in Gang War 3.
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  17. bakalite

    bakalite New Member

    in the manager the familiar costs 0...but in costs 25....
  18. Balder Dash

    Balder Dash New Member

    Hello everyone, excellent gang manager tools here.
    I do think that neophytes hybrids should have "When the gang is created, one Neophyte hybrid can be armed with a special weapon or a heavy weapon"
    I strongly doubt they wanted to allow a genestealer magus to be toting a mining laser too.

    One small detail in the manager however ; Acolyte hybrids come ready dressed with a hazard suit since the update.
  19. SirMattius

    SirMattius Ganger

    I asked this about normal pets. You add them as war gear then as a fighter as you have seen.
  20. David Borgström

    David Borgström New Member

    I've noticed that the Power Hammer is missing in the gang manager, and that the Alpha is missing its armour.
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