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  1. As stated in Facebook in the Necromunda 2017 group by Jonathan (who wrote the rules), this is deliberate. Its to ensure only champions and leaders have heavy weapons. Don't think of acolyte and neophyte as the units in 40k are modelled or identified; its basically a champion distinction here so 40k acolyte models can be neophytes in this game and 40k neophyte models can be acolytes in this gang.

    See https://m.facebook.com/groups/548244582184535?view=permalink&id=732520263756965&anchor_composer=false&refid=18&_ft_=qid.6595873822197262399:mf_story_key.732520263756965:top_level_post_id.732520263756965:tl_objid.732520263756965:src.22&__tn__=*W-R

    The discussion also includes the M4 rule, base size and other intriguing topics concerning the rules
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  2. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Wtf, can't access! What is this shit?
  3. Ben_S

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    This is why FB posts that, in any case, many FB users are randomly blocked from are not a good means to disseminate rules updates, clarifications, and FAQs.
  4. Join the group - it's worth it! I think we are lucky to have Andy and Jonathan there. Also beautiful minis including by yak members.

    Regarding what they do, its only clarifications and sharing their own necro lives - figures, games, stories, etc. Just like everyone else in the group. And their participation there feeds into future things. So all/mostly good!

    But it *would* be good to have an archive of all the conversations they have been in.
  5. Mistspider

    Mistspider New Member

    Hmm...has anyone else noticed that the Cult Alpha and the Hybrid Acolyte is not equipped with a hazard suit when you create a new gang? They should according to the new official rules, and the Toxin injector claws seems to have been deleted from the new rules as wargear as well. Anyone know how to fix it without increasing your gang rating (the hazard suits)? Thanks! :)
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  6. Devilmixer

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    Toxin claw isnt part øf the game alt more :-(
  7. Mistspider

    Mistspider New Member

    Ahh, that's a shame. :-( Thanx!
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    I'm not joining FaceBook if that's what you're trying to imply. Not now, not ever.
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  9. Loxapac

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    The psychic familiar is a game breaker at 25 creds.
    We were playing today the 2nd cycle of our club's campain, and one player had 3 familiars in his cult roster.
    The result was that his leader and his champs were nearly invulnerable, and he destroyed everyone. (Average 5-7 hits dodged by the flamer/melee oriented leader, and 2-4 with the stubber champ)
    In Necromunda, it is hard to get several shooters on one target. So if this one avoid one hit roll per turn, on a 5+ check/ 2d6 , he is very hard to kill.
    25 points and common, means you can have 3 of these very early in the campain.
    And roll on everyone with ease.

    For exemple , a caryatid, with the same rules is extremly difficult to get.
    Bio boosters : 35 creds to have -once per game- less chances to be badly injured.

    I realy dont understand the pricing of the psychic familiar, it is extremly overpowered, and it is very frustrating to play against, and to see half of your hits getting denied by this 25 creds thing.

    We are thinking about changing the "omen of fortune" rule to "once per game" instead of every turn, wich is obviously not fun for anyone.
    (Even the cult player was disapointed because he felt like having no glory, and every oponents he had were annoyed and had bad time..)

    What are your thoughts about the psychic familiar, what are your expériences with it?
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  10. almic85

    almic85 Gang Hero

    @Loxapac they are pretty powerful for the cult leaders to have.

    It’s worthwhile working out in your group if the 0-3 restriction should be applied to the gang as a whole or to each character on the gang (I would recommend the gang as a whole).

    As for countering them you only really have 2 choices. Either mass shoot at the character or mass shoot at the familiar until they are dead.

    Depending on your interpretation rapid fire weapons would be useful if your group agrees that the familiar only cancels out one hit from the rapid fire weapon as opposed to all hits.

    You could also charge into h2h as all of the GSC leaders and champions aren’t very good in combat. As long as you are hitting first with a close combat ganger you should be able to take them out in one round of combat as T3, 2W, 6+ save isn’t very durable.
  11. Greyhart

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    Anyone know why the Cult Alpha has S3 and the Hybrid Acolytes have S4? Seems a bit odd that your 'combat' Leader would have a lesser strength than his equivalent minions. Of course he does have M5 so I suppose we could put it down as the vagaries of the genestealer genome. I still find it curious though.
  12. Gunkaiser

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    Apparently the designers thought you'd use the Primus model instead of the Acolyte Hybrid leader.
  13. TopsyKretts

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    These guys:
    are clearly not as beefy as these guys:

    In fact. the leader models look more like normal Neophytes (gangers) with S & T 3.
  14. DerekDecker

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    Primus have S4 in normal 40k. It's actually a (rare) evolved form of acolyte that didn't suffer from hunchback. And it also born with toxic blood.

    Although they never claimed the alpha is a primus, so it's probably just a 3rd gen neophyte.
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  15. It's actually identified as being early gen though - but nevertheless these guys are low down the order, long spiraled-away families of GSC, far from their patriarch in hierarchy, so any comparison simply comes from using certain models rather than the rules themselves.
  16. Greyhart

    Greyhart Juve

    Makes sense everyone. Thanks for the replies.
  17. DerekDecker

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    New bit for conversion.

    Also new Saw off shotgun piece better than the Orlock one.


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  18. TopsyKretts

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    Wow are we getting GSC for GorkaMorka now?!?
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  19. That quad bike looks really good.
  20. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law Gang Hero

    Wow those look good.

    Perhaps we'll see an ash wastes vehicle setting sooner than I would have expected.
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