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  1. It's also because not every member of the cult is a 'hybrid', which originates in differentiating the hybrids from the general cult pop who aren't hybrids - the 'Brood Brothers' who are sadly missing from the current list....





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    I wish I had those kinda skills.
    Maybe sculpt a double chin and beer belly on the patriarch. :D more becoming of his position as daddy of the family
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    There’s definately no skill involved, you’ve just got to close your eyes a little as you saw the legs off your £15 mini! (the flashback of doing it still makes me feel queezy!) :sick::p
    But here’s the mock-up I made before committing to the modelling putty, hope it helps anyone who fancies a go at making their own....
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  4. Space Truckin

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    Nice that helps a ton!
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  5. Aulenback

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    Yes, that was the term used for all the implanted humans. And then there are the genestealers. The four generations of births in between are the hybrids. So yes, not all cult members are hybrids, because the original-and-later purestrains keep implanting more humans, which join the cult.

    Assuming a generation is around 20 years, a cult starts slow but grows exponentially every century or so...
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  6. DArquebus

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    They spawn much quicker than that as per GWS fluff.

    Space Hulk 1st Ed - The Fall of Darvon VI: they had 200,000 x 3rd and 4th Gen Hybrids within 80 years.

    Quote: pg19

    "So, assume that one Genestealer lands on a planet and infects just 10 Humans - an extremely conservative number. Each of those 10 Humans has 2 children, producing 20 first generation hybrids. Each of those infects 10 Humans, who each have 2 children. Now you have... let's see... 20 times 10 times 2... four hundred 2nd generation hybrids. They each infect 10 Humans, who each have 2 children. That's 8, 000 by the 3rd generation. By the 4th generation, there are 160, 000 monsters on that planet.

    And that's assuming that each of the creatures infects only 10 Human beings. Suppose the real number is 20? Or 50? Or 100? We don't know how long these creatures live, or how fast they mature. We don't know enough about them by half.

    My suggestion to you, my lords, is that once the infection spreads beyond the 1st generation, the planet should be fusion-bombed from deep space.

    - Jarv Advent, Senior Xenobiologist, Inquistorial Institute of Proctos Minor"
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  7. Aulenback

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    Yes, but between the first implantation and the next generation of purestrains, each of those sets of 10 “infections” is done through human biological reproduction, which means there is a decade and a half to two decades between birth and when it is physically mature enough to “infect” other humans with pregnancy, right? So yes, in only a hundred years, there can be even as much as one tenth the population of Manhattan on a world, or one eightieth the population of London [the example given above]. Again, fast, but fast from a 40k perspective, where things get measured in many lifetimes, and even millennia.
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  8. enentol

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    I can’t remember where it was explained (maybe Deathwatch by Steve Parker), but not only do the hybrids grow and mature EXTREMELY quickly, but gestation is a matter of weeks, not months.
  9. Trafalgar Law

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    If they spawn that fast (as suggested by the older fluff) then the planet or at least hive Primus would have been overrun by now and suffered Exterminatus just like Secundus.

    This was always the problem with including GSCs in Necromunda.
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  10. Aulenback

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    Deathwatch by Steve Parker isn't what I would think of as 'older fluff,' mind. It was only published in 2013. Space Hulk 1st ed is, though, but 80 years actually matches precisely 100 years, since we are talking about the time from first implantations to fourth generation instead of from first implantations to purestrains.

    If you have enough initial implantations, with exponential "infections," yes, you end up with a huge number of infected. And with another 20 years [making that 100], you have a tide of purestrains born.

    But that doesn't require gestation of weeks. Each generation in Space Hulk 1st edition [published 1989, so yes, old fluff] takes about 20 years to mature and have kids, using DArquebus' citation above. So.. that's the same. The Fall of Darvon VI starts with a single genestealer implanting 10 human "brood brothers." A year later, they each have a kid [1st generation], and another year later they have a second. Eighteen years later, those likewise each have kids with other brood brothers [birthing the second generation], and eighteen years after that again [third generation], and only eighteen years later those third generations have the fourth generation [who look like normal humans, except bald and staring-eyed], who, in only eighteen years, lead to a mass of purestrains, following the math in the Space Hulk book.

    Eighty years to fourth generation hybrids being born, and 100 years to purestrains. That's from Space Hulk, though, not from Parker's 2013 book, and GW has been known to ... retroactively change things [Necrons], and don't always care about math when they do so.

    And assuming that Space Hulk math means they would overrun the planetary population of Necromunda forgets that non-genestealer humans are breeding at about the same rate, dying to violence about as often, and starting with a much higher starting population than 10. The planetary populations in WH40K, including in Necromunda, are Heavy-Metal-Gothically Obscene in their size. Incomprehensible.
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  11. Kitcar

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    Tyranids also survive a virus bombing. We can't lose, it would be much easier for you to join us now don't you agree?
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  12. Forward Assist

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  13. Trafalgar Law

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    I really like that female Magos. I can see lot's of possibilities for that model.

  14. Ben_S

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    It's interesting that this is the first female I recall seeing, but surely it should make a significant difference whether the Purestrains are implanting human men or women...

    I'd assume that infecting a woman effectively impregnates her with a hybrid, but if they infect a man then he presumably still needs to find a woman and impregnate her - and would that have the same effect?

    Maybe this is why we only see Brood BROTHERS. Perhaps there are a bunch of Brood SISTERS somewhere doing all the birthing of new hybrids?
  15. Aulenback

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    Aha! That gunslinger is a model in an upcoming kill-team pack. “Starn’s Disciples.”

    Ooh! And those Bloodbowl Grots actually look to be excellent additions to a GorkaMorka GRC mob. And new skaven and undead for Mordheim, and... quite a few of this batch are characterful enough (and “low power” looking enough) to be useful for the old Specialist Games range.
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  16. Well, I suppose yet another Escher champion will come in handy one day - very nice base model indeed, relatively neutral overall. Interesting how GW has been creating quite a few female models for ranges where they didn't appear before, good stuff.
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  17. PEBB18

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    Don't know if these have been posted yet, but seriously making me want to start a GSC warband/force.
    NYOpendayReveals-Jan5-CultClamavus5jvrh.jpg NYOpendayReveals-Jan5-KTStarnsDisciplesCharacter51vfrhy.jpg
  18. Forward Assist

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    All the GSC models would be absolutely perfect if the cult icons were separate pieces.
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  19. Aulenback

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  20. SumpRat

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    I reckon he’d be a great Hired gun.

    I’m thinking 3 dumdum stun guns, has gunslinger + random roll,
    Can fire 2 with no penalty (gunslinger) or all 3 with a -1 to hit. Not too ridiculous, but cool still.
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