Genestealer Cult rules for Necromunda

Necromunda Genestealer Cult rules for Necromunda v0.5

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Oct 15, 2015
Battlemetalchris submitted a new resource:

Genestealer Cult rules - Rules for running a Genestealer Cult in Necromunda

Rules for running a Genestealer Cult gang in Necromunda.

The gang begins with the initial planetfall of four Purestrain Genestealers. These infect one of the Necromunda houses producing generations of hybrids which are part host and part Genestealer. From that seed eventually a cult grows, working to infiltrate the Hive, promoting worship of the Patriarch and unknowingly drawing the Great Devourer towards the nourishing Biomass of populated worlds....

All hail the Four-Armed-Emperor!

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