Get back a bit of disarm thrill?


Aug 28, 2015
Hi, I've been recently going back and forth between ORB, LRB and NCE to see how skills have evolved. When reading, I felt like disarm had lost a bit of gameplay quality moments because the skill no longer destroys enemies weapons.

I know, that the skill can be spammed and also it ends up creating bad feelings on players so It seems sensible to take away that ability. Also I've seen that the issue raises some rage on forums so It's not my intention to bring that back.

However, I think that there are also complains over shooting domination and Van Saar techno spam so I thought that maybe some part of the disarm mechanic targeted the excessive addition of new and powerful weapons.

What do you think if disarm got rid of enemies' weapon on a 6 instead of a 4? The skill is available for almost every model in the game and would tune down the hiperweaponization (?) of the metagame. Getting rid of a weapon on a 6 wouldn't make the skill super desirable, but a bonus on having the guts to reach CC.

In addition, I think a 6 it's a probability high enough to care about the models with that skill, and at the same time low enough to don't be worth spamming. I mean I imagine being nervous when charged but without the feeling of being unfairly ripped off.

Fluff-wise I imagine that the weapon is not destroyed, It just falls through a hole or down a level and gets lost among the debris that populates the hive. After all, that's how archeotechs become valuable pieces when discovered a thousand years later right?

Edit: Actually, instead of getting lost, weapons could just be stolen on a six if the victim is taken OOA. This makes sense, and instead of taking powerful weapons out of the ecosystem it just makes a more fair distribution.

For those who play with house lists, it would be a very fluffy way of enjoying other houses weapons and also some spice would be added as there would be movements to take back weapons or just ransoms as happens with gangers.
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