Get your Guard out for the lads! (Yakhammer 40K)

Still not recovered! I’m not going too crazy on infantry as there’s a time limit per turn, maybe 300-350 including danger company? Will see what I can get done in time.
I’ll try to get a pic of everything on the table and post it in here
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That’s the undercoat down, now I I’ll give them a wash to darken them down, then paint them red again, with red highlights!? 😵‍💫

…but don’t worry, they will be getting some detail work, namely Black and Tan, but as for the command they will look a little like this:
Unfortunately I’m too lazy to give them all velour tunics, but Zapp Dangerous will definately be showing abit thigh (or kneecap at least)

But speaking of command, I’m looking for volunteers to be part of my squad, or some more daring/expendable yaks to sign up with Kirk or Shatner *waves hand dismissively*
I just need you to give me your preferred squad/weapon, then sign the contract acknowledging me as your more sensual superior…
Who knows, there might be a medal or valour tunic in it for you!?
*danger salute*
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They say keep your friends close, but keep your dim witted, pungent trolls closer! You are now first platoon’s heavy flamer guy, (and the captains personal vox caster), till you die or I find someone better!
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Command sections done!


Danger Company HQ

1st ‘Crimson’ Platoon

2nd ‘scarlet’ Platoon

Just need to paint the movement trays and dot some grass here and there.

Now it’s just the waves of men I need to send to their death …I mean… serve the emperor!
Sooo, is this a place to show my maybe-guard-marshal, as a way of showing support?

Or will this get me stabbed in the hand again? If so, please pick one of the ones on the left this time, I barely use them anyway.
Welcome to Danger Company Sgt. @Biggle_Bear, you shall henceforth carry this pole and defend it With your life, by any means possible, DO YOU GET ME?

And welcome too Sgt. @SuboptimusPrime, here’s a massive super deluxe boltgun for you, enjoy!…


P.s. first post updated with Lord Solar suboptimus.
I was looking for inspiration way back when I started the thread, but it’s still really cool seeing them all together! I’ll have to get a army pic of the Krablokistan 48th come to think of it!