Get your Guard out for the lads! (Yakhammer 40K)

And here I thought that was why there is a requisition order for a squad of Type 2 "Fisto" servitors here.
If there’s any power fisting to be done that’s my job! And I’m still not sure if that’s the intimidation or congratulation part… guess it’ll depend on the individual trooper.

Still, one must uphold one’s duties to the legion.
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Am I exempt from the plendge since my weapon is a broken arm? :ROFLMAO:


‘Grenade launcher’ specialists: (imagine them as starship troopers mini nukes)


What’s this? Get in formation trooper!! (I accidentally made one too many)

Teaser: Valhallan Armoured support
Valhallan poor mans baneblade!: (I only paid £10 for it as part of a toy set, plus the salvaged russ parts)

Danger Company travel in style, a genuine fake cardboard wooden box:

Where they’re headed (they should be in the thick of the fighting at the time of writing this):
This is fantastic dude! I hope you are proper chuffed with how the force is coming together!

I love the baneblade! I'm sorry to say the one you gave me was canabalised and now forms part of my hive board
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The glorious charge of captain dangerous into the demonically possessed super soldier that is the chaos lord was a thing of beauty, the brave captain stepped up and swung his rapier sword with a flourish before wedging it into the chaos lords eye. He watched in horror as the daemonic flesh re-knitted around the glowing sword enabling the beast to bring its monstrous mace down upon the captains well oiled body, the captain is down! ☹️

Would just like to say that @CaptainDangerous heard I was going to a big guard v guard event and not only painted the whole of danger company for me to use but drove for 3 hours to deliver them and then drove 3 hours home. What a guy! Much love mate
I requisitioned vortex grenades for Boom Boom but received a copy of "A Guardmen's Guide to Virtue and Piety" instead. I hope my mangled corpse jammed up the ankle joint of some foul chaos marine.
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Iv barely started watching it, but at 6 hours long, I’ll be back with relevant time stamps:
Edit: our battle starts at 4:30 (the last one naturally)

@spafe i love what you did with your tank, admitedly I was slightly bemused when you first told me, but having an armoured basement would be such a status symbol in the underhive! (Hivequake proof, lascannon proof, vermin proof etc.

@radulykan ❤️❤️❤️😘

@Pagumb still awaiting post battle intelligence, but just assume you died in a horrific, mangled, torturous way until told otherwise! *danger salute*
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