Getting ready for Season 2 of Gorkamorka on MiniWarGaming (need your feedback)

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by MiniWarGaming, Jul 24, 2018.

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    I'm gearing up for Season 2 of Gorkamorka on MiniWarGaming. This time I'm not going to make the mistake of trying to "update" the rules and will just be playing them 99% as-is.

    Besides the main rules (i.e. rulebook, Da Uvver Book, Gubbins, Digganob, and Mutie Attack), what other official or unofficial add-ons would you say are a must have to play Gorkamorka?


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  2. cardyfreak

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    @Flamekebab is the gorkamorka warboss round here, he should be able to assist with all you need!
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  3. Ardavion

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    I'd point out the copies of the various official publications that reside in the Vault that could be referenced, particularly Perils of Da Desert, which I think is a nice addition to scenarios in certain situations. I would agree that @Flamekebab would be someone to talk to, though.
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  4. WeebLoser

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    I think if there are any gangs that you think look cool, just get those. I don't know much about Gorkamorka stuff, but my rule for anything is just pick stuff that looks and acts the coolest. If there's a certain narrative you're going for, pick scenarios that go with that setting.
  5. Flamekebab

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    Must-have is a bit of a tricky one. I'd probably say Da Green Pitz for any Mutie players.

    Beyond that it depends on whether you're aiming for more of the same or to mix things up. I'd love to see someone field a mob with the Deff From Above rules, for example. Similarly a campaign using Easy E's Da Deff Islands could make for a fun series of happenings but that depends on what other terrain sets you have available.

    I seem to recall you might have used some of Ross' bestiary rules last time but in case my memory is playing tricks I figure best throw it out there again.

    Depending on when you're looking to release the episodes some of the Halloween or Christmas scenarios could be fun too!
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  6. Just saw this! A second season! Wooooo!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first one.

    I agree with the above suggestions. I'd really love to see some flyers (either deff koptas or stormboyz) would be fun to watch.
  7. Having played a few games of Necromunda now, what about introducing the same activation style turns in Gorkamorka?
    Having a player take turns moving a mob membet could make the game more dynamic.
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  8. Tiny

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    I like the rules as they are straight out of the book. That said we've never used Muties so would have to defer to others on that gang.
  9. Azzabat

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    Interesting, but might be a bit tricky with a truck full of Boyz.
  10. Tiny

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    Yeah, as much as I love alternating activations, it really wouldn't work that well in GoMo.
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  11. Aulenback

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    Alternating activations could possibly prove interesting, except:

    It would need a lot of work figuring out how to balance it with vehicle mounting/dismounting/riding; it would need extra attention to deal with "the chase," and with Rolling Road scenarios.

    Would it be worth it? Maybe. We would not know until someone tries it and then extensively playtests it. As stands, mind you, the rules as we have them work surprisingly well, and have held up to the passage of time better than I think we could reasonably expect. While it is true they lack elegance in many of the core rules [HOW MANY traits? And comparative tables for things like SvsT?], they do include a fair bit of elegance in their vehicular design [a pretty defining component], a huge range of flexibility, and quite a bit of entertainment for their investment. That is pretty impressive, even with the change in tastes for game design [1980s: more tables! More crunchy bits! Longer lists! 2000s: elegance! Constant involvement! Ease of initial learning!].

    Anyhow. Not looking to discourage someone looking to volunteer to find a way to re-write the GoMo rules for N17-style alternating activations, but explaining why I won't be the one undertaking it. Oh, but I DO have one suggestion for anyone looking to do so: wait until SF releases in just a bit. Who knows what ruleset that one will use, and what of that work might already be done for you?
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  12. The old official vehicles rules for the old Necromunda was based of GorkaMorka, maybe, just maybe, the speed Freak rules will be used to make a Necromunda Ash Waste Expansion... *sigh* but considering what Andy said it seem very unlikely for official rules for Necromunda vehicles.
  13. Zae55

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    I have been wondering how to incorporate elements of N17 into Gorkamorka, especially with the speedfreek release soon to come. I wonder if introducing a vehicle phase prior to the activation phase would work, ie, vehicles alternate completing their actions, once this is finished the models then alternate their actions...

    Then comes the 'but how does damage to vehicles work?... and do we need charts/vehicle damage tables' or do you give vehicles wounds and toughness similar to the modern version of 40k... Hopefully speedfreeks will have a new and effective take on vehicle combat which fits in well with N17...
  14. It does seem that speedfreaks use skills in the same way Underhive use skills to interact with things, my guess would be that a new skill would be added to underhive called driving/piloting or something else.
  15. Aulenback

    Aulenback Gang Hero

    Speed Freeks uses a proprietary deck of cards to determine damage from each penetrating hit, for vehicle damage. It uses assigned dice pools per turn for vehicle actions. Reviews suggest that the [vehicle] movement phase is very tactical and not particularly manic. Movement also uses proprietary movement template widgets, and their uses each, per game, gets limited [some movement templates can only be used once per game]. There IS mention of a campaign system and progression.
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  16. Azzabat

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    My friends Jerry and Justin at Beasts of War put this video up if it helps

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  17. Speed Freeks looks like great fun.

    I had a game last weekend. Introduced a newbie to the game (I lost when my trukk lost control and thought it was tougher than a building.)
    Playing for the first time in ages made me realise the core rules don't desperately need changing, it's a downright fun game.
    I definitely want to add some flyer units for some morr chaotic fun.

    Really enjoying the second gomo campaign on youtube.
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