Getting some real metal guild-credit tokens made - anyone interested?


Aug 12, 2014
Durham, UK
Now I'm the sort who likes to shell out extra for the metal coins in boardgames, and even though they'd have limited use in a campaign, other than each player having a physical representation of their stash, or house-rules for trading post, I'm thinking of having some made.

I've had medals done before from China, and if just plain coloured, coins are very very cheap, pennies each, you just need to do a big ol' bulk order.
Now there's a few questions to farm an opinion from the group, and also some ideas Ive had so far I'd want opinions on:

Shape: round coins are dirt cheap, but fluffwise and in the Hired Gun game, creds are depicted as aquila shaped or oblong. A little more expensive, but it can still be made for pennies/cents a piece. So how about:
A]Entire set of rounds
B] Low value creds are round, High value creds are Aquila shaped
C] All aquila shaped, with different size and colours for values

Facings design: Fluff-wise currency in the underhive are guilder issued credits. So each guild potentially issues their own currency (I mean, its literally 'credit with that guild') but which all traders would honour because the guilds are the power in the underhive- my thinking is there'd be a standardised series of values (1,5,10,50 - perhaps a 20 too?) but the reverse side artwork would show the arms of the issuing guild. Just like UK coins can have varying rear designs. We know of 6 already: Coin, Iron, Slaver, Corpse, Promethium, Water - what elements or symbols do we know so far that they would use in their coat-of-arms? What would their individual seals look like?
If there's interest I'll potentially ask artist Will Beck to do some drawings for guild coats-of-arms.

For the flipside: OK so we cant just use the Necromunda eagle-skull, or the copyrighted Aquila, buuut, there's potential to do
A] double headed eagle-skull mashup that's imperial-esque but isn't infringing? Or
B] a Necromunda spider symbol?
C] any other ideas?

I think it'd also be fluffy for the highest value / biggest cred to be issued by the imperial house itself rather than a guild. To say 'Lex Imperium' rather than 'Guild credit' and have a portrait of Helmawr instead of a guild arms on it - (like the GW released white metal version, albeit it wont be "1 cred" this time, it'd be 50-100)

Colour wise I was thinking it'd go: Dirty bronze 1 cred, shiny Bronze 5 cred, silver 10 cred, shiny silver 50 cred? Thoughts?
What should the ratio produced be? 12x1cred, 6x5cred, 6x10 cred, 2x50 per 'set' (as 6 guild designs)?

If maybe a dozen of you want in, I can sort it all through here. I don't mind paying for that small a run myself. If it looks like more than that, I'll go full Kickstarter (more hassle for me, but hey, easier for you)

Throw me your thoughts and doodles, once we've thrashed out some ideas for their look I'll go hunting for some quotes.


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Jun 1, 2016
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Even a 1 credit coin is triangular in ye olde lore, not sure about these days. I'm pretty sure GW themselves even made credit coins at some point in the past. Hemawr's head on one side, Aquila on the other.

I think somewhere in the lore there's a reference to there being no sub-unit of one credit (i.e. half a credit) and instead a 1GC coin would be chiselled in half, like the olde pirates cutting up spanish silver and gold coins to make lower denominations.
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Oct 31, 2013
Could you imagine a poker table at tribemeet using such credits instead of poker chips!
Yes I could. Using the Blanche artwork cards they released a few years back!

On credits - I did see someone do some out of fluorescent acrylic many moons ago. Looked good but I bet would be horrendously expensive to get made up.
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Jul 15, 2020
I bought some gold round disc glitter I saw from Wyloch. It hurts me to use them since they aren't short triangles.

If we can't get that shape, may as well go round for the lowest cost?

I am willing to do vector art and layout from sketches, if that matters. Vector has crisp lines and scales easily.

Good point on these being specific to each guild, so the style should be different. Maybe shape too. I would imagine the noble houses would generally use golden aquilas unique to them.

Bronze seems better for normal 1 credit units.

Do thr house gangs also have their own currency? Probably not.

Hive Primus is a city of billions so whatever's clever is totally whatever.