N18 Giant necromunda rat vs Gas


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Jul 3, 2019
Hey guys, quick question about the new giant rats from the book of judgement, a bit stupid maybe but it's good to have something agreed by the community in case there is a discussion.

One of the special rules of the rat says that they have a 4+ save that can't be affected by armour penetration, because they are simply too nimble and dodgy.
The Gas trait says that no save roll can be made, it doesn't say that it affects the armour pen or anything - just that you can't make a save roll.

So, RAW we can safely assume that the Rat can't make a save throw against that weapon. Thematically, it can't dodge gas.


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Oct 12, 2015
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I'd say you are right, at least as far as the RAW is concerned. Not sure about the RAI as it also means rats can't dodge web weapons for some reason (even though they can dodge flamers).
It is considered as a save roll, and Gas/Web ignore those so yeah. I'd also say Giant Rats don't get any bonus when hit with a Mace/Club (as they completely ignore AP, and you can only make one save roll per hit)

As an aside, I find the multiplicity of 'Dodge' mechanisms really annoying. On top of the Dodge and Step Aside skills, Giant rats get Nimble, Familiars/Caryatids get both Omen of fortune and Precognition... and they all work differently! (Omen of fortune can be used to dodge Gas/Web, for instance)