N17 Goliath Gang WIP Log


Sep 19, 2017

I've started building my N17 goliath gang and I will try to keep a log on any advancements. First steps were pretty basic but here there are a couple of pictures.

Those gangers are the standard games workshop build as I liked how they look. Specially the one with the spud jacker and brute cleaver looks amazing.

I also like the one with the grenade launcher, but it looks very similar to the one with the spud jacker so I don't know if I will keep him that way or if I will change the cleaver...

Finally something a bit more elaborated. I don't like the head of the goliath carrying the rivet cannon with that crazy looking so I've used some green stuff to change the facial expresion a bit. Also, though I like the leader cigar face I don't think I want two of them in my gang, so I've changed it to not need the cigar.

With so much zoom the defects are much more visible but I hope once painted they look a bit better.
Man, I couldn't do that even if the heads were the size that they appear on my computer screen. How you actually did that sculpting is beyond me. Astonishing work.
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Thanks for your comments! :)

I've just built the leader with power hammer and grenade launcher and I think it looks quite good

And compared to a classic Escher he looks giant! But I think the don't look so odd when placed together.

I want to compare the classic escher with a new one as soon as I build one.
That green stuff work on the face is something else; very excited to see how your gang progresses.
I've made some advances. One more stub cannon ganger and some simple but IMHO effective conversions and tweaks.

First one the champion with renderizer. I wanted a more dynamic pose for him so I chose a running body. It has a problem that it doesn't fit perfectly, so I will have to fill some gaps with green stuff but it looks good. The only thing is I don't like very much the renderizer with that skull, so I will have to think how to modify it...

Now I also have three gangers, two with stub cannon and one with grenade launcher:

I've modified the arm with the stub pistol to have a better angle, but I also need some green stuff job to fill the resulting gap and reconstructing the shoulder muscles:

I'm also starting my combat shotgun ganger, but I don't want to give him the grenade so I will try to convert him to carry a stub gun in the right hand.

Some work left but the gang is begining to look like a real gang!
These are looking good, man. I'm a bit stumped by that renderizer, too, so I'm particularly interested to see how you modify it.
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I can attest that the Ork chain choppa works great as a renderizer (you can see a rather rubbish pic in my thread Angelis Terraforming Project (now with Necromunda!) ) the little knuckle guard is from the Ork Slaver grabba stick though.
Yeah! That's a great conversion, I had already seen it and I thought it was much better than the original one. Only thing that makes me doubt is I think the axe teeth from the choppa are less "stylish" than those of the renderizer. I might however end up copying your idea as it looks great (y)
I've finished the combat shotgun ganger. I cut a stub cannon in order to get a (bit oversized) stub gun. After all the work on the ganger I realized that in my last Goliath list the combat shotgun ganger didn't carry any stub gun (That was in a previous one)... :cry:

However it's too late and you shouldn't let five credits ruin a good conversion... So I will have to change my list to include a ganger with both a combat shotgun and a stub gun :(

I've also fixed the grenade launcher ganger shoulder with green stuff so it is now completed:

So here they are my four gangers:

And here the whole gang (after also filling some green stuff work on the renderizer champion to fill some gaps):

I just have to decide what to do with the renderizer and add some accesories to finish all the gangers in the initial gang. Then I will build the three gangers left just in case I want to use another configuration (One with the rivet cannon, one with close combat weapons and maybe I will convert another to carry a heavy stubber or autocannon).

And regarding the juve I will try to use one old goliath juve... So I don't know if it will be too small or if I will have to wait for GW to release new juves... Will post some updates in the following days with the size comparison.
I've almost finished building all the miniatures.

First I've built two backup gangers, one with rivet cannon and another one with close combat weapons (brute cleaver and combi stub-plasma pistol). Maybe I will try to magnetize the pistol so I can use another loadout and I also may reposition the pistol arm as it is pointing too low...

And last one is a quite a bit converted heavy weapon champion. I've repositioned both arms and head and used an autocannon from the old Goliath gang. I want to magnetize the wrists in order to be able to change between autocannon and heavy stubber (and maybe another weapons if I'm able to adapt them).

Only thing I'm not sure is if I want to add him one or two shoulder pads:

By now I think the option it is going to be is one shoulder pad and maybe add him a back pack as it seems to be the new version of my old heavy stubber heavy:

I'd be inclined to have one pad - but I'd have it on the shoulder which is pointing the way he's looking - the general thinking being that it's better to have armor facing in the most likely direction of incoming fire!
The autocannon looks good, by the way - Fits the aesthetic well, I think.
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I'd be inclined to have one pad - but I'd have it on the shoulder which is pointing the way he's looking - the general thinking being that it's better to have armor facing in the most likely direction of incoming fire!
Yes, I also thought about that, it would make sense that he had the shoulder pad in the shoulder that is near the enemy. However it is too small to have any real impact in any combat and I think visually the model is more balanced if he has the pad opposite the main body of the weapon.

Therefore I finally chose just one shoulder pad as my old Goliath heavy. I've also magnetized both the heavy weapon and the backup close combat ganger (And repositioned his arm a bit). I'm not very fond on the right heavy weapon arm, but once the heavy weapon is placed it doesn't look that bad, and hope once it is painted it would look better.

I like your shooty Goliahs.

I haven't advanced too much in the Goliaths in the last few weeks other than priming them and making some modifications (like magnetizing the renderizer so I could change it easily if I manage to convert another one). However I finished my first N17 model... Only thing it is not a Goliath ganger...

At first I wanted a different finish (more radioactive) but after priming and giving some wash layers I liked the natural looking so I just added some finishing touches and therefore it has been very fast to paint and I quite like the result, so it's one of my best figures in terms of effort vs final result.