Necromunda Goliath jives? What model?


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Feb 2, 2017
I was wondering if you lot have any good ideas for converting/making juves for house Goliath.

- I like the AoS Khorne warriors, except for the helmet. (not sure what they are called, maybe blood reavers)
- The Catachan Devils are good too, but I really dislike their headbands.

Any tips/ideas would be much appreciated, and if you want to trade or sell the relevant model PM me. I'm in Au, Vic.
The Blood Verbs actually work pretty well for a different look, they are the exact same scale as the Goliaths but you will need to either have extra necks or just sculpt them out of plastic or whatever.
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If you can get some, could use the old metal ones, even the old gangers size wise fit in rather well.
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Reavers! I thought it was slaughterers... these new naming schemes are quite annoying (however copyrightable they may be)