N18 Goliath modelling question


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Sep 7, 2020
Hello, first time poster and option enthusiast. I have too many Goliaths, and have one body left over from 3 gang boxes that I can't figure out what to do with. I also have a box's worth of Stimmers/Forge Born but those are already built. I'm trying to figure out what I need still, with these as the models I currently have built:

- Chain Glaive (Trading post for later in a campaign)
- Multi-Melta
- 2x Boltgun
- 3x Stub Gun/Fighting Knife
- Meltagun
- 2x Shotgun
- Flamer/Brute Cleaver
- Heavy Flamer (I know this is bad, built it before I knew much about the game)
- Maul (See above)
- Stub Gun
- Missile Launcher/Brute Cleaver
- Grenade Launcher/Brute Cleaver
- 4x Stub Cannon
- Renderizer
- Combi-Bolter/Melta
- Combi-Plasma Pistol/Stub Gun,/Chainaxe
- Heavy Bolter/Power Hammer
- 2x Spud Jacker/Combat Shotgun
- Power Axe/Combat Shotgun
- Axe/Stub Gun
- Bolt Pistol/Brute Cleaver

I realize a second grenade launcher isn't the worst idea, but I'd rather see if I can get a more unique loadout for this last model. Or should I keep it on sprue for if a unique option presents itself in a campaign?
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looks like you have all the variations known to man , save him for something special. perhaps a hired on pit fighter/chrono gladiator
The safe option, as in the options your most likely to use, are a grenade launcher or another boltgun, but id probably hold off for now, get some games in and see what you find yourself wanting to play.