N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign


Apr 19, 2024
New player here. Just after some advice on my 1000 credit goliath starting gang for the Dominion Campaign.

Gang is here

My main question is regarding the Juves, I have managed to squeeze three very basic bullies in, so the gang total is 8. However, I only managed this by taking Vat Born Corrupted Slug to drop 5 credits from each to pay for their Furnace Plates and Stub Guns. Down side to that is that they all lose 1 from Ld, Wil, amd Int.

Is it better to have 3 of them so I have numbers? I could drop one and move the credits to an existing Brusier or I could drop the furnace plates and remove Corrupted Slug from each? Or even drop one and give them a melee weapon too.

My other question is regarding grenade launchers - Can I still engage with enemies that are in melee (base to base) with a GL without taking damage to myself or should I have a backup melee weapon?
Goliath can get away with 7 bodies as their cool can keep them in the game even after bottling and the starting t4 keeps them on their feet longer too.

As for backup melee don't bother you can still swing your st4 fist which is free and better than allot of melee weapons. You don't need to pay for any ap or combat rules on a grenade launcher that will hang back a bit.
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Firstly, only your Specialist Bruiser can take a grenade launcher. The normal one can only take pistols, basic and CC weapons.

Regarding the genesmithing, I think it would be better not to do it, and just buy the furnace plates later.
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The tyrant is an exception to the no combat weapon with a gun. I've had great success giving him a grenade launcher and a good combat weapon. Goliath leaders start with 3 attacks so an extra isn't as necessary and the bs3 is nice to place those templates more accurately.

Drop the combi pistol, add a bolter to the crew (forge boss being able to pick his upgrades and equipped to get kills is a solid place or the tyrant), possibly the ganger losing the grenade launcher. Don't discount stub cannons, your tougher fighters can close enough to use them and they have a good ammo roll so won't spend much if any time out of ammo.
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As others have said, you can't have the second grenade launcher, but you can trade that for a boltgun for the same price and be list legal.

Regarding the juves, they're fine, taking a negative trait to keep them treat is fairly normal (the usual pick is terminal biology / whichever one makes them more susceptible to serious injury but corrupted stim slug is fine too)

You don't expect these guys to last long, their job is to get shot in the place of your better models so keeping them cheap is smart.

You could get away with running only 2 if you saw them as longer term prospects and wanted to equip them better or save the money for a future purchase
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"A Goliath Bruiser may only be equipped with weapons chosen from the Basic Weapons, Pistols and Close Combat Weapons sections of this list." I totally missed that bit, thanks for pointing it out.
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Sorry what do you mean by adding it to the crew and picking upgrades ?
add a bolter to the crew (forge boss being able to pick his upgrades and equipped to get kills is a solid place or the tyrant)
do you guys think the gene smithing on the Leader (Natborn, Prime Specimen & Tyrant’s Own (+1W, +1A, +1T) ) and the Stimmer (Vatborn, Dermal Hardening & Overdeveloped Musculature (+1T, +1S, -1Init)) work ok?
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Thinking about combat shotgun (like the options) in place of the illegal GL or is a bolter a better option?
do you guys think the gene smithing on the Leader (Natborn, Prime Specimen & Tyrant’s Own (+1W, +1A, +1T) ) and the Stimmer (Vatborn, Dermal Hardening & Overdeveloped Musculature (+1T, +1S, -1Init)) work ok?
Sounds good. Although as being that close combat heavy, they would greatly benefit from stimm-slug stashes. Also the forge boss with only cc weapons looks like it would want to be a stimmer instead. Renderraizer is a great weapon, but just two attacks to back it up does not leave much room for bad dice rolls. Another way of using a forge boss could be making him unborn and giving him Hipshooting and a combat shotgun.
Thinking about combat shotgun (like the options) in place of the illegal GL or is a bolter a better option?
A basic ganger would do great with just a normal shotgun too. Another fun way of using regular gangers is by giving them Overdeveloped Musculature and a more destructive grenade to throw. It's always a nasty surprise to your opponent when your model can throw an Incendiary Charge 15"
Sorry what do you mean by adding it to the crew and picking upgrades ?
Sorry probably should have said add to the gang. Basically take the creds from some where and get a bolter for some where.

Your renderizer boss could carry it, or the now weapon less bruiser. There are a lot of options, mostly if you go for 7 bodies you'll want more longer range support and the +1 to hit out to 12" is a nice to have.
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Thanks for the tips. I've tried to take that all into account and have rebuilt most of the list :LOL:

Basically moved GL to Leader and given him a Chain Axe and changed to Iron Will (might just change that back to Nerves of Steel). I've changed the Forge Boss for another identical Stimmer, so have two now, both with S and T at 5 and Paired Pulverizers to take advantage of all those attacks, also given them both smokes to get across open space. I'll look to get them both Stim Slug Stash asap into the campaign. I've then got two gangers (one specialist), one with a Bolter and one with a shotgun (could do both with bolters but wanted some variance what with the two identical stimmers). I managed to keep 3 juves without armor and with stub guns, could drop one of these to change the shotty to a combat one or give the 2 Juves armor but like the idea of 3 instead I think.

New roster is here

Any more advice would be great. Thanks again, you've helped a lot!
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Right, last draft (hopefully) and again thanks for all the help so far.

New Gang

I have done something a bit different with the leader, using the same Gene Smithing I have them now at +1W, +1T and +1BS. I've then dropped the CCW and given them a Boltgun. Aim here is that they would be at the back shooting using that +2 BS and 3 attacks, (later in the campaign I would upgrade to a Heavy bolter and get a Stub gun as backup due to the +6 ammo rolls on the Boltgun and heavy bolter).

I've then managed to keep the grenade launcher with smokes on the specialist. A combat Shotgun and smoke on the ganger and kept the 4 juves (2 on corrupted Slug and one on reduced bone density)

Stimmers I have left as they are and would plan to get them both Stim - Slug Stash later

What do people reckon?
The tyrant is way too expensive for what he does, 245 points for a guy with a bolter. However, to improve the tyrant's performance, he needs to be even more expensive. Drop the combat shotgun ganger, and give it to the tyrant instead and use the left over points to buy him a decent cc weapon. Tyrant is better at close ranges, then doing fire support.

Goliaths are made for close combat, so it's better to maximize that. There are other gangs that will out perform Goliaths in shooting, or just being mediocre in everything.
Different school of thought here, Goliath actually do best at short range fire fights.

The slow movement means they take too long to close to really be great at melee. Don't get me wrong they are good at combat but I like leaning into shooting and being surprising!

Be aware that the heavy bolter takes up two weapon spots and honestly having both a bolter and a heavy bolter will keep him shooting the whole game. You are planning to lean maybe a bit too far into shooting. I'm of the opinion you can take bolters (and or special weapons, grenade launcher krak grenades are direct fire and pack a punch) and when they run out of ammo go krump things over the head.

Goliaths don't need back up weapons, I've always pictured their str4 fists as their backup if needed their toughness and their cool can see them in close if necessary. Cheeky grenades as the campaign progresses is fun as Goliaths can throw them further natively.

I know there is allot of love for the combat shot gun but 12" range at that cost doesn't excite me (if you go with a bullet merchant hanger on I change my mind). Holing up in cover and taking aimed shots with a Bolter feels better. You can also go with an unborn skilled fighter taking munitioneer if you really want to lean into shooting with "bad" ammo rolls.
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+3 is adequate. I tend to like to start Tyrants with a Bolter and then upgrade them to a Power Hammer (or something similar) and a Plasma Pistol. Tyrants are good at both shooting and melee, so they rate being (eventually) well-equipped for both.
Due to slow movement, I would probably advise against spending serious credits at the start to equip any Goliath fighter, other than a Stimmer, just for melee combat.
so giving the +2BS to my leader is a ok idea providing I give them something better than just a bolter?
A bolter is ok to start with but you can always get a bigger badass gun later. You have missile launchers and multi meltas on your list.