N18 Goliath Start Gang for new campaign

Due to slow movement, I would probably advise against spending serious credits at the start to equip any Goliath fighter, other than a Stimmer, just for melee combat.
Not only slow the models are chunky as well so make less use of cover so can be shot at range more which slows them down further.
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I was also tempted with a stub/plasma combo pistol for my Leader with the intent on getting either a plasma or heavy bolter asap. Think I will just stick with Bolter and see how the first games go. I am however going to change the +2BS back to a +3 and up the A from a 2 to a 3 as it seems +2BS is a bit over the top.
Taking adaptive mind on either LD od champs can be very useful, I like to take a natborn LD with either fast shot or hipshooting, armed with boltgun and blast charges. If you give him a +1str he can lob blasting charges 10".
Tzeentch technomancer leaders can even get ammo rerolls on top...
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