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Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Malo, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. ClockworkOrange

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  2. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    So is this still in development or am i just a numpty who cant find it on the site?
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  3. spafe

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    There was some tentative rough tools created for this, but with the release of N17 work has effectively ceased for the moment. There is a work in progress version active though I believe... I'll have a look for it in a bit

    hmm.., after a little search, it does seem to be turned off currently. @Malo , is this intentional?
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  4. Red_Starrise

    Red_Starrise Ganger

    Any word on this? All my saved mobs are now inaccessible.
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  5. Aulenback

    Aulenback Gang Hero

    Likewise hoping to put even the "WiP" version of this - the beta test version or, as some gaming companies would call it, the "full release" version - to work, but it appears to have been pulled down entirely. Reading this thread, it seems to have been quite promising.
  6. has there been any mention of any developments with this?
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