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Sep 25, 2019
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Hello People

I am attempting to collect everything GW and FW have released since the launch of N17. Not to concerned with the promo stuff, badges stickers etc (at the moment)This is no easy task! As I’m sure you all aware Necromunda is quite possibly the most “Limited Edition” game system GW have ever put out.

To assist me in this venture and any others attempting similar, or just for the fun of it?? I would like to ask your help, in compiling a complete and total list of all releases for the “New” Munda system.

To get the ball rolling I have listed everything I am currently aware of. Please fill in the holes if you spot any, Thanks!

Core Box Games

Necromunda Underhive

Necromunda Dark Uprising


Gang Wars (OOP)

Gang Wars 2 (OOP)

Gang Wars 3 (OOP)

Gang Wars 4 (OOP)

Gangs of House Delaque gaming supplement (OOP)

Rule Book

Gangs of the Underhive

LIMITED EDITION Rules and Gangs of the Underhive in Slip Case (OOP)

The Book of Peril

The Book of Judgment

The Book of Ruin

Necromunda: Gang Raids gaming supplement (OOP)

House of Chains

Gaming Accessories

Gang Leaders Accessory Pack (OOP)

Necromunda Dice Set (Orange)

Necromunda Underhive Graffiti Transfer Sheet

Zone Mortalis: Bases Set

Necromunda 25mm Bases

Necromunda 32mm Bases

Necromunda 40mm Bases (OOP)


Campaign Territory Cards (OOP)

Underdog Card Pack (OOP)

Intrigues & Rackets Card Pack (OOP)

Badzones Environments and Events Cards (OOP)

Dramatis Personae Cards 1 (OOP)

LIMITED EDITION Underhive Tremors Tactic Card (OOP)

LIMITED EDITION A Present for You! Tactic Card (OOP)

Necromunda Card Sleves Pack (OOP)

Goliath Gang

Goliath Gang Cards (OOP)

Goliath Dice (OOP)

Goliath Stimmers and Forge-born

Goliath Gang Tactics Cards (OOP)

Goliath Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Goliath Heads With Masks Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Goliath Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Goliath Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)

Goliath Sumpkroc (Forge World)

Goliath Zerker (ForgeWorld)


Escher Gang

Escher Gang Cards (OOP)

Escher Dice (OOP)

Escher Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Escher Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Escher Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)

Escher Weapon Set 3 (Forge World)

Kria the Huntress, House Escher Bounty Hunter (Forge World)


Orlock Gang

Orlock Gang Cards (OOP)

Orlock Dice (OOP)

Orlock Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Orlock Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Orlock Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)

Slate Merdena & Macula, Orlock Hired Gun (Forge World)


Van Saar Gang

Van Saar Gang Cards (OOP)

Van Saar Dice (OOP)

Van Saar Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Van Saar Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Van Saar Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)

Van Saar Energy Shield Set (Forge World)


Cawdor Gang

Cawdor Gang Cards (OOP)

Cawdor Dice (OOP)

Cawdor Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Cawdor Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Cawdor Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)

Cawdor Bomb Delivery Rats (Forge World)

The Headsman, House Cawdor Executioner (Forge World)

Delaque Gang

Delaque Gang Cards (OOP)

Delaque Dice (OOP)

Delaque Heads Upgrade Set (Forge World)

Delaque Weapon Set 1 (Forge World)

Delaque Weapon Set 2 (Forge World)


Palanite Enforcer Patrol

Palanite Subjugator Patrol

Enforcer Tactics Card Pack (OOP)

Enforcer Patrol Dice (OOP)

Corpse Grinder Cult

Corpse Grinder Cult Gang

Corpse Grinder Cult Tactics Cards

Corpse Grinder Cult Dice

The Eightfold Harvest Lord (Forge World)


Badzone Delta 7 Tile Set (OOP)

Bulkhead Doors (OOP)

Barricades and Objectives

Zone Mortalis Hive Warzone (OOP)

Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set

Zone Mortalis Columns and Walls

Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs

Dramatis Personae

Kal Jericho and Scabs

Luther Pattern Excavation Automata "Ambot"

Mercator Sanguis Slaver Entourage (Forge World)

Apollus Kage and Krotus Hark (Forge World)

Ragnir Gunnstein Squat Ammo-jack (Forge World)

Ammo-jack and Dome Runner (Forge World)

Hired Guns Yar Umbra and the Deserter (Forge World)

Belladonna Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Grendl Grendlsen Squat Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Eyros Slagmyst Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Ortruum 8-8 Psi-hound Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Baertrum Arturos III Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Bigby Crumb Ratling Slopper (Forge World)

Gor Half-horn Beastman Bounty Hunter (Forge World)

Necromunda Hired Guns (Forge World)
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Oct 30, 2014
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You are missing the white dwarf articles from that list of you want to go that far down the rabbit hole.

You are also missing the hive scum that can be bought from forge world as a three pack (mad dog mono, grub Targeson and Yolanda Skorn) but that may be the last item on your list.

Worth noting as well that the limited edition rules and GOTU book in slip case are exactly the same as the normal hardcover rulebook and GOTU book, but with an extra cardboard slip case.

There’s also a few Necromunda collectables that have been released over time like the Necromunda coin and a few other bits and bobs.


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Sep 25, 2019
Manchester England
Thanks for that!
I'm already deeeep in the rabbit hole, I believe the only item on the (out of production) list i am missing now is the Campaign Territory Cards.
Any idea of the issue numbers of the White Dwarf's the articles are in?
Yeah the three pack is the last item on the list, beginning to get a little lazy toward the end there, copy and paste from FW website.
Found out the hard way Re: limited edition rules and GOTU books after paying in excess of £150 on e-bay, would have been nice if the actual books were "special", never mind...... the cardboard box they slip in to is nice!


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Aug 3, 2016
Both Goliath and Esher have a range ruler with their logo on it. Also shiny ganger cards for champions and leader of the pre made underhive box set gang.
This was pre-order free stuff.