Necromunda Greppy's Plog Thread

Borrowed some of my friends GW stuff to test with my tiles. Works pretty okay, but I'm gonna have to make some changes to my models if I want my columns and walls to support GW tiles. Not sure if I want to go through that effort right now.


I'm also quite far into the project now. I've made optional caps for the walls and the columns so that they can be optionally stacked, or have a platform placed ontop of them similarly to the GW sets. I'm starting now to work on the ladders, which can be slotted onto the platform edges and also into the small holes on the columns. Those same small holes will be where I'll slot the elevators and other gizmos into.

After this I'll move onto stairs which I need to make fully modular somehow :unsure:
I've also been working on a Badzone Enforcer gang for a while, but my local gaming group is going to have our first Ash Wastes campaign so I've pivoted a bit with them and moved them into the wastes. So far I have a Cargo8, some Enlisted Hive Scum bikers and a Ridgerunner which I'm modelling as a patrol vehicle.

Not a mold line in sight and the weathering is solid too!
No comment on the barrels 😹
ED- the weathering is legitimately really good