Greyhart's Projects Thread - Because all the other cool Yaks are doing it.


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Oct 1, 2018
West Greenwich, RI
So, yeah...

As the title says I'm going to start posting projects I'm working on and their progress. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and focused to finish some things, maintain the flow of creativity and get some feedback and ideas from the Tribe.

I'll be posting some pics of what I've done since the first of the year and what I'm currently working on later today after I get pictures taken.

Thanks for checking it out. Stay tuned.
As promised, pictures of what I've finished in the last month and a half.

These are Gears (mecha) for Heavy Gear, which I'm starting to play again after as long hiatus. Specifically, they're from the faction known as the Allied Southern Territories (AST) or for those of us who've played a long time "The DIrty South". Anyone who's interested in Heavy Gear can read my thread in the "other games" section or PM me and I'll answer your questions.

So it seems that my wife has a small tabletop photo booth for her hobbies so I'm starting to use that to take pictures of finished models. Bear with me while I figure it out and forgive the quality of my phone's pictures. Now without further ado here are they are.

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From left to right: demolition drone (a remote-control bomb), hunter-killer drone, and recon drone.

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Jaegers: Command, stock, Blitz (anti-tank missile), Striking (bazooka)

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Black Mambas: Razor Fang (command), stock, Blazing (gatling laser), Long Fang (upgraded rocket pods)

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Iguanas: stock, Chatterbox (electronic warfare)

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Cobras: Spitting (stock), Bushmaster

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King Cobra: stock (Hail to the King baby!)

There are some loose "canon" color schemes for all the factions, but this is actually a scheme I like that was designed by an old friend. All the models are the new plastics that are in the North/South starter box and the Southern army box. Also I haven't used the decals as of yet, at 1/144 scale some of them are miniscule and I need to be having a REALLY good day to place them. I'll post new photos once that happens.

I might post some more later today or tomorrow of what I have started and is in progress.

Hope you all enjoy.
So Heavy Gear is 1/144 scale or approximately N scale if you're a model railroader. Battletech is 1/285. So there's a significant size difference. For me a 15'-20' tall mecha that clocks in at about 3 tons is a lot more believable than a 50' 100 ton walking building. Don't get me started on the walking city blocks that are 40K Titans..

Actual model size is similar. The heavier gears like the Cobras and King Cobra are bigger than battlemech models. And Striders are even larger models almost 40K Dreadnought sized.

If you look at the torsos on the gears they stick out rather far, which is because the pilot actually sits there. Basically the panel under the head flips back and the pilot enters there. If you Google 'Heavy Gear pilot placement' you'll see pics of where and how the pilot fits. With an 'average' sized gear (Jaeger, Hunter, Warrior and Chasseur to name a few) a person comes up to about the knee.

Hope that answers your question?
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Ooh, so they’re like Full Metal Panic!!! sized mecha! Or Patlabor or Iron-Blooded Orphans. Niiiice.
So Heavy Gear is 1/144 scale or approximately N scale

I was curious about the scale and surprised by the answer. I've recently been dabbling with some 1/72 models, which seem to be about 20mm in wargames terms. So, I take it that these would be about 10mm.
@Punktaku yes, pretty much.

@Ben_S I measured the infantry and they're approximately 12mm high.

Shameless plug.. All those models except for the drones and King Cobra are included in both the North/South starter ($125, 24 models - 2 armies - and a full A4 rulebook) and the Southern army box ($63, 12 models). That's enough for a full sized game of 150 TV (Threat Value). A good value in my opinion. YMMV
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@Ben_S I measured the infantry and they're approximately 12mm high.

If that's to top of head, it sounds about right. (It's usual to measure to the eye level apparently, to accommodate figures with hats/helmets that obscure the top of the head.)
My next project.

This is a 3D printed model of a Wayfarer class freighter from Star Wars. My RPG group has it as our ship in our Star Wars RPG campaign. Someone else had painted it up and although it's a nice paint job it just bothered me that it could be so much nicer. So the group gave me permission to work my magic on it.

I'm beginning to regret asking. It's NOT a great print job.

I've already started on it by going in and 'jeweling' the windows. I think the cargo pod (square copper box on the right) is next.

I'll post progress pics when I get something significant accomplished with it.

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Okay.. I lied. I'm not working on the Star Wars ship. Every time I sit down and try to paint it I get painter's block. So, I put it aside for now.

Here's a piece of terrain for Heavy Gear I did yesterday and today.

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I'm also started painting my Caprice army for Heavy Gear. I'll post pics in a couple days after I've made some progress.