Greyhart's Projects Thread - Because all the other cool Yaks are doing it.

Having a hard time getting motivated lately. Not sure why. It seems the older I get the harder it is to get out of a slump. The weather has also contributed to it as there's been a lot of rain recently which makes my old bones ache and my hands swell up.

I've got more Heavy Gear started on my table. Some North (the brown), Caprice (spiders) and terrain. I'm hoping to get going again and be able to finish some stuff by the end of April. Especially since I put in two big orders over the last month.
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Yeah, there seems to be a lot of hobby slumping going on here in the tribe. It’s been pretty quiet…
A lot of us are afflicted by the slump at the moment. New competition up though! And a few of us are going to be doing Man-O-War fleets soon, hobbying together can be good motivation.
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That's unfortunate that a bunch of us are in a slump. Springtime blues perhaps?

I do have a close friend who tries to keep me going and I do the same for him. He's in a slump now too. <sigh>

The worst is that now that I'm retired I have all day every day (for the most part) to put a dent in my backlog (I know I'll never "catch up" LoL). It's darned frustrating.

Not that I need a new game - Lord knows I'm trying to get rid of a bunch - but what's Man-O-War? I'm not familiar with it.
It's an old GW sea battles game:

Pretty easy to get into via 3D printing... Especially if you can get someone else to actually print the stuff 😁
Ah, now I remember. It was rather a flash in the pan if I recall. Probably why I didn't remember.

Not my cup of tea really. And I'm trying to downsize my game collection so getting another one isn't on the table, especially another GW game.
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Progress on Heavy Gear. Northern Ferrets and Grizzlies. Arms and backpacks (actually the engines in this case) are done. Main colors done on the bodies, now just add details. I'm hoping to finish these by Tuesday as Wednesday is going to be another rainy day so no painting for me, and Thursday I'm busy with errands all day.
Well.. I seem to be exiting my slump. At least for a little while. I've been steadily painting the last three days and it's going well.

I put the last touches on these Heavy Gear Northern Ferrets (front) and Grizzlies (back).

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And I finished these Heavy Gear Caprician Aphek mounts.

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Not a bad few days work if I do say so myself.
I seem to be on an upswing in my painting cycle. Finished these Heavy Gear Caprician Meggidos a few days ago.

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Finished these Heavy Gear Caprician Ammons yesterday.

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I have three more Ammons in progress and will hopefully finish them by the middle of next week. After that I have three Kadesh to do and that will complete all 20 models I have for Caprice.

Not sure what I'm painting after that.
@Punktaku they're quite easy to build and paint up quick. I can knock out 3 in that many days. The Heavy Gear Caprice Army box is the best way to go. It gives you enough to build a complete force of 10 models. If you purchase each of the resin legs blisters (5 sets each of Light and Heavy) you can use ALL the bodies for an army of 20 models (There's extra bodies in the box, the leg sets let you use them which is what I did). Dream Pod 9 is great for customer service and Robert ships twice a week. But if you want a discount (10% I believe), go through Fortress Miniatures and Games. They're also great and ship out really quick.

Edit/Add: Have you looked at Death Ray Designs Steel Rift? If you like multi-legged designs, they have a faction for that (Corporate).
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