N18 GSC corrupted Ogryn Gang, thoughts?


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Apr 28, 2022
Lets assume we are waving the fact that Ogryn Gangs are not eligible for GSC.

Leader gets access to Wyrd Powers which is very cool. Combined with Naaargah! you have a couple options for some interesting play. They also get access to the Familiar which, while good, on a WI of 9+ not game breaking. Really, it makes your already expensive beatstick more expensive but also gives him flexibility rather than doubling down on melee

The Aberrant. The runt of the litter! I don't feel like it changes the gameplan of the gang much but gives you some fun modeling opportunities. 3+ to hit is better than your alternatives though I will note. I think the best thing is it gives you another character (besides Leader/Champions) to invest in long term. As of now your other options dont get too much flexibility with progression.

Cult Icon is not bad overall. Might get you to consider non Lobos.

Hybrids Juves. A little more tricky ruleswise. I think if you said the ogryn didnt get access to it the above changes would still be fun. With it, you would be giving... Lobos? an extra attack and rending on one attack. You would be paying for it at creation of course, which in the ogryn world of augmented weapons, is a pretty serious deterrent.
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