N18 GSC - Cult of the Spiral Maw

Malevolent Pink Cat

Gang Champion
Jan 10, 2019
Thoughts on the below GSC gang?

It comes in at 1000 points for 9 members, has a decent ranged component (Seismic cannon, grenade launcher, several autoguns), some melee capacity built around a power hammer-armed Aberrant, and blasting charges, just because.

Cult Alpha (145)
- Seismic Cannon (140)

Aberrant (95)
- Power Hammer (45)

Hybrid Acolyte (85)
- Chainsword (25)
- Laspistol (10)

Neophyte Hybrid Specialist (45)
- Grenade Launcher (55)

Neophyte Hybrid (45)
- Autogun (15)

Neophyte Hybrid (45)
- Shotgun (30)

Neophyte Hybrid (45)
- Autogun (15)

Neophyte Hybrid (45)
- Autopistol * 2 (20)

Neophyte Hybrid (45)
- Autogun (15)
- Blasting Charges (35)

Heart of Storm

Gang Hero
Mar 8, 2019
Its fine, personally I'd switch out the Acolytes pistol/sword combo for a long las, Acolytes are pretty squishy models and don't do well in melee, keep them hanging out at the back where their T3/W1 is less of a liability.

Alpha/Big Gun/Aberrant leaves little room for maxing out on champions, which may limit your post-game actions in campaign play. Just be aware of that, you'd have to make some changes to squeeze in an extra Acolyte.
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Jan 19, 2018
You didn't include any Familiars, and they're the best thing in the list (just don't take more than one per character if you want to retain your friends).

I'll second the idea that Acolytes are bad melee fighters. They have slow movement and only one wound. I like to upgrade mine to infiltrating boltguns (although be aware that pets may or may not be able to infiltrate with their owner, and the more sportsmanlike interpretation to take is that they cannot). Long rifle/longlas + shotgun is another ok build for them (but don't start with both weapons at creation).

Power hammer is overkill on an Aberrant imo (but you may be doing that for WYSIWYG reasons). I prefer a chainaxe, chainsword or chainglaive (but have no problem running them with bare fists at creation).
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