N18 GSC gang - heavy weapons only on Acolyte miniatures?


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Aug 21, 2023
I haven't played Necromunda since the 90s but am currently building a GSC gang using the GSC Combat Patrol box. I've noticed there's no option for a neophyte to take a heavy weapon but no 40k options to give an acolyte a heavy weapon. What do people generally do? I guess I could;

• Magnetise two sets of arms for an acolyte, even though skinny neophyte arms look odd on an acolyte
• Use a neophyte mini as a stand-in for an acolyte and just glare at anyone who questions it
• Make my gang leader the heavy weapon user (no idea how sensible this idea is, I've barely started on the rulebook)

Thanks in advance!
I don't see an issue with using a 40K model with a heavy weapon (i.e. a Neophyte) as an Acolyte with heavy weapon in Necromunda. Different gaming groups vary of course, though I'd be surprised if the people you play with would have an issue.

The main issue with Acolytes with heavy weapons is that they are a big target. This combined with the fact that they only have 1 Wound isn't a great combination. Some gaming groups allow Acolytes to start with 2 Wounds since, well, pretty much every other Champion has 2 Wounds. It's something you'd have to agree with your group / Arbitrator though.

Your Leader could carry a heavy weapon. Indeed a lot of people do this. Personally I prefer the idea of a Gunslinger Leader with 3 pistols. Just depends which way you want to go with your Leader.
What exactly is the distinguishing features for neophyte vs acolyte? How would this be identified as one and not the other?

And don't give me that "base size" again :LOL:

Is it the shoes? Can't imagine anyone being upset about whether your minis have shoes or not!
Thanks, looks like it will be the leader with a mining laser then! I don't have a Kelermorph model so was between an Adept and the mining laser.

I have some old broken space hulk genestealers, might do some feet swaps too :)
I've always used 40k "Neophytes" to represent both Acolytes and Neophytes in GSC gangs, remember that 40k models represent a thriving cult with connection to the hive mind and live genestealers propagating new generations, Necromunda GSC are very much the tattered remnants of a defeated uprising, cut off and isolated from the hive mind.

40k Acolytes have always been too genestealer-y to fit that image to me, ive used them when I've run 3-armed melee neophytes/acolytes (spoilers: don't try this) and they stick out like a sore thumb.