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Apr 16, 2016
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Guilder gangs have recently tickled my fancy but I have a problem. I can think of models for pack slaves, pit slaves, heavies and mercenaries but I am struggling with the Guilder themselves. Any ideas? Usually I would stick with GW or even Necro/GoMo mini's but I guess a guilder is a bit of a special case so I would be willing to try other manufacturers.

Some of the background pic's portray guilders as Lord Harkonen-esque characters, others simply rich and eccentric. Their stats suggest they have a kind of 'all the gear and no idea' feel about them. I still feel they should be a little grimey and dirty looking...the filth of the Underhive isn't picky on who it reaches!

Look forward to your suggestions :)
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Maybe see if you can get hold of the Empire Merchant & Scribe? Not sure they still make it though.

Lol ... I was going to suggest maybe taking an empire figure and Do a head/weapon swap, but @Tiny's idea is better.
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I don't I'm afraid, but my buddy uses this for his role playing miniature and I'd say it fits very well scale wise. I.e. It's the same size.
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I like that one. A Hive guilder needs to be fat though surely. A display of his affluence thru corpulence.
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Yeah, there's a few different stereotypes for guilders I'd say.

Affluent and not afraid to show it - Fat, nice clothes. Lots of attendants.
Not doing so well but makes sure he gets his own luxuries - Fat, less nice clothes. Probably accompanied / carried around by malnourished slaves.
Miserly, may or may not be wealthy - Gaunt, looks like a horrible scrote. Lots of burly enforcers.

The hobbit guy definitely fits the latter.
This is something I've been interested in as well. Would you guys be interested in making this a community project, perhaps coming up with an original concept that we like and then making it? I don't want to take over the conversation but if folks are interested, I am :)

Awesome idea dude. I'm crushingly envious that you're talented enough to go 'f@ck it, there's no mini that I like for this game, Imma make one'
I have been keen to get going with a Guilder / Spyre Noble NPC or two in some far-fetched far-flung scenario idea for the future:

I have this little set of three in my collection gathering dust & unpainted to date (in metal - OF COURSE!) I'll get to grips with them one day, but the "master of the fleet" model is a good one for a guilder I reckon.


And then there is this beauty from the amazing Guilder / Spyrer stand-in from the (now ended) Colony 87 miniatures range too:

Lord & lady Greiss.JPG

two great paint-jobs from two of my favourite blogs here:

And not to forget the GW classic from the Inquisitor / Witch Hunter range:


And the classic Dogs of War Warhammer Fantasy "Mydas the Mean" figure is great for this too:


All good Guilder contenders if you ask me.....