N18 Gunfighter build, spending xp


Jun 30, 2022
Hi all, thanks to the new XP gain rules I'm lucky enough to have a decent chunk of xp on my van saar champion! Currently has gunfighter skill and my choices are a toughness increase or buy hip shooting......I'm leaning towards hip shooting to get as much mobility in to the gang as possible.......anyone run this build? Seems like it should work just fine? Also, I. The subject of gunfighter - do you just make one hit roll and then decide to put both shots on one model or split between two targets (cool check for priority required) or do you make two independent hit rolls for each pistol (also with a cool check to split between targets)?
For skills you may want to consider Munitioneer for keeping your two pistols functioning, otherwise his Gunfighter skill gets negated by an unlucky ammo-check.

Regarding your second question: Two independent to-hit rolls that can target different enemies if you wish, plus it ignores the usual -1 to-hit for firing two pistols.