N18 Gunfighter on twin pistols or not?


Jun 30, 2022
Thinking about dual pistol VS champs......given their high BS, is gunfighter really necessary (if I'm ok to drop the ability to independently target 2 enemies)?......would it be better taking an alternative skill at creation and pick up gunfighter later? E.g. hip shooting (but I do then get a double to hit penalty from guns blazing and hip shoot......).

On a related note, if using gunfighter to target a second enemy, do the have to be within equal range/difficulty to hit compared to the first target? Struggling to see how a second enemy can be viably targeted unless it is same range and difficulty to hit as the primary target.....which is a rare occurrence......or have I missed something? Does second target ignore priority?
Take it.
Gunfighter allows you to pin two enemies at turn, you can shutdown 2 enemy fighters for one action, which is great value.

You roll to hit separately for each attack, so the enemies do not need to be in equal cover like with rapid fire.

Taking a plasma pistol to kill, and a subcarbine for potentially multiple pins is a very effective fighter.
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You would take a cool check to be able to target the separate fighter (target priority says to target closest unless cool check passed)...

Declare intent check cool
Pass get the split shots wherever you want.
Fail both shots target the closest enemy.
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