GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?


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Feb 17, 2011
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I found this rumor:

I have no idea how valid it is & would love to have it confirmed or refuted.
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I spoke to someone who worked at workshop towards the end of the Specialist Era and he said that they have plastics for all the gangs designed but policy changed and they were never produced. Take it with a pinch of salt though.

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Smells too tasty to not be bait. Wasn't the Lord of the Rings franchise completely replaced with The Hobbit too?
But maybe, just maybe, they're done with their cuts and going for old lines anew, as wished by the players for years? Still personally doubt that though, doesn't feel in line with their strategy so far, but a Specialist Studio might have separate goals.
I suspect it is a knee jerk reaction to their exceedingly poor Company and Share Holder reports and more of a short term finance fix to burn and churn more dosh from Customers. You have to remember the reason Specialist Games closed in the first place. Not enough add ons (and less tham 300% profit margin).

GW haven't been interested in benefitting the gaming community for many, many years now and I can't see them having a change of heart now without a root and brach overall of the entire structure. I hope I'm wrong so I'll wait and be pessimistically optimistic. :unsure:
Hastings on Warseer has lent some credence to these rumours and his reputation for providing accurate info for GW's future moves is very good indeed (he spilt the beans on Age of Sigmar well over 12 months before release but as it all seemed so extreme few believed him at the time).
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Exceedingly bad company and shard holder reports? When were those released?

Their half yearly financials came out earlier this year. Sales down £5 million, pre tax profits down £1.6 million, overall the company is down 9.7% on last year.
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Quick money grab gets my vote if the models are sweet enough. Can't see GW doing too much with rules... or the community paying too much attention I'd they do ;)

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