GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

I read an article recently that said gorkamorka nearly bankrupted the company.

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It wasn't alone in that, it was just the named example:
“But it ended up being one of the great dividing points of Games Workshop. We’d grown internationally at a very fast pace, and we had to deal with French, Spanish, Italian versions of the games. The print runs of the foreign language editions were always bigger than we could sell, and after several near-disasters where we’d printed way too many of something, GorkaMorka being a classic example, we’d nearly bankrupted the company.”

I'm pleased to see that Gorkamorka seems to be unlikely to return. We've got most of the models we need already!

Several of them are actually Gorkamorka models too!

But yeah, they'd have a hard time selling new models when existing ones ... Err... exist, so it'd just be a release of the rules. I suppose they could always do the Digganob side of it but as that's close to Necromunda in style I guess they wouldn't.

I could be controversial here and suggest that an updated fluff (so it's not set in 1999) for Dark Future mixed with Gorkamorka rules would probably provide them with a better and more saleable "post-apocalyptic" framework for a game. Especially after the recent MM Fury Road film.

Original DF was ok, but GM was a better vehicle game. The focus should be on humans and vehicles in all their crazy forms with add-on rules for including 40k universe cultures (to draw the casual crowd to that setting).

I'm saying this and I'm an Ork guy!! But yeah, it (GM) wasn't a popular hit with the general player base back then and I kinda doubt it'd do much trade now either.
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It wasn't alone in that, it was just the named example:

This is exactly what happened to TSR. They were a successful company that did (and also don't do) everything GW currently do, and went bankrupt in little over a year. I think a lot of folk that watched TSR implode are worried GW are heading down the same road,

On a side note I came across this little gem ...

“Specialist Games is forming thier team and beginning to lay out product roadmaps.

Look for an initial set of of 4 games to be developed concurrently:

This initial set will be released in sequence and each will get a regular seasonal release slot in future years.

Necromunda is slated for the first release.

The relaunched Necrumunda will be focussed around gang kits and new terrain kits designed especially for the new range.

Other existing lines and previous “recent successful boardboardgames” will be folded into Specialist Games purview and added into the rotation with the above four.

Thus we will see very regular product releases for Specialist games throughout the year, but there may be long intervals in between releases for any one system.”

Excited, but worried that "terrain kits designed especially for the new range." may be because the scale of the figures is larger. Lets wait and see shall we?
As far as GoMo goes I've never forgiven it for marking the canning of the solid gold Waagh-The-Orks/Ere-We-Go/Freebooters, Rogue Trader-era, Orkyness and instead ushering in 3rd-ed 40k's kinda beige and forgettable version of an Ork: it's where GW decided in all their infinite wisdom that everyone was having way too much FUN and wasn't it time they drabbed everything down a bit and go rid of all the 'silliness' everyone at the time outside Nottingham though was brilliant? Not a bad ruleset (though it could have been better, it sometimes seemed less like a game and more like a random vehicular mayhem generator) but the setting completely hamstrung it. It still boggles me that GW managed to get something so limited and uninteresting out of freaking WARHAMMER 40,000. That's almost like some sort of achievement.
I doubt the scale will be different (well it'll be slightly bigger, but still sort-of-28mm scale). The terrain will be because GW want to sell us entire Necromunda tables for £12 a bulkhead.
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I doubt the scale will be different (well it'll be slightly bigger, but still sort-of-28mm scale). The terrain will be because GW want to sell us entire Necromunda tables for £12 a bulkhead.

I'm guessing whole plastic multi level building structures like the original card ones. It'll most likely be cities of death style whereby we get different plates which can be assembled in a variety of ways. Would also be usable in 40k too.

Yeah, I was joking about their scale creep!!
@Azzabat - that's what @Doghead13 posted yesterday and got our tongues wagging again :ROFLMAO:

Damn ... thats what happens when you reply without looking at everything that's happened since your last viewing. :oops:

These damn skids for my competition entry have been taking all my time and driving me mad. I haven't even undercoated anything yet!
Whereas for me it was exactly what I wanted. I adore post-apocalyptic ramshackleness. The 2nd ed. and earlier style of Orks really didn't do it for me.

Same here on the second part, I'm an old Mad Max II and Dark Future nut, and its existence is not the big issue here. It's the wiping away of what was there before that's the issue - we're talking about the exact same sort of and reason for rage as what happened when Matt Ward refluffed the Necrons, or Star Wars fans chanting 'Han shot first' or letting out howls of rage at 'midiclorians' and Jar-Jar Binks, or even the reason a hardcore Mad Max fan summed up his opinion of Beyond Thunderdome with the words (from memory) 'We went to see Mad Max, and he didn't even bother to turn up.'

When you radically change something, you may very well get a result plenty enough people like - but the people who loved what was there before you bulldozed it are NOT going to be happy, even if those same people would think the new thing was actually pretty cool if it WASN'T built on top of the destruction of the older loved thing. For my part, you can keep your ramshackle post-apocalpytic, no sweat, big galaxy right, and hey there's always room fer more ramshackle Mekboyz hotrodz in my Waagh, but where's me zogging Goffik Rokkers, squig catapult, curvaceous potbellied Gargant with dong gun, woolly Squiggoth, tiled-roofed tanks with names like 'Lungbursta' or 'Spleenrippa', kustom kombi-weapon, hop-splat gun and Madboyz zog it?