GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

Wasn't Dreadfleat like a super dud? I remember talk a few years back that GW brought out a game (Not GoMo) in a box that sold so badly they vowed never to do it again. I don't play these games so have no idea.
Dreadfleet got a lot of bashing for not being Man O War or compatible with it. I think those fans forgot that Dreadfleet was supposed to be a separate board game, not a source of models for other games.

I doubt we'll see it back but the plus for MoW fans is that one may do depending on how Sigmar goes.
Dreadfleet got a lot of bashing...

Yeah... that was me being snarky at the expense of Dreadfleet :oops::p. I thought the scale and the everything-you-need-in-one-box aspect of it was really cool, but the very negative reviews kept me from ever spending the money. Also, the more I looked at the miniatures the more I disliked them. Had never seen Man O' War, looks to be more like what I had been thinking when I thought "Ah cool, a miniatures game about pirate ships"... anybody know of any sea battle games of the sailing era that are good?
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Battlefleet gothic with different minis? :p
... anybody know of any sea battle games of the sailing era that are good?

Warhammer Ahoy is halfway decent. A buddy of mine was going to run a Campaign of this last year but work and Family life took over. The idea was that we all build Race specific ships to a pre determined set of dimensions (length, width, height etc) using a point system and then fought a mix of land and sea battles, each effecting the other, in a linked campaign.

I must see if we can resurrect this in 2016 as we did a lot of play testing, and my buddy Stu built a wicked Ork Patrol boat for his Scriber Orks.

Apart from that you're looking at something like Napoleonic rules. Try this web site:
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I think they might do a Necro reboot if it isn't a boardgame, and that it'll end up basically being a version of Killteam to match up with the new edition of warhammer. Which would be very sad, but NCE will do for all your Necro needs XD
Mordheim is an odd one, that's the salty bit, not sure on that.
GW will just do a bit of fluff that says because it was so infused with magic it survived the fall and was "magically" transported.

Magic solves all your problems.
or just start the rule book with the line "before the old world ended........", or something along those lines anyway.

still looking forward to it though!

and on the ship game front, theres a warhammer historical, Trafalgar but ive never played it or even spoken to anyone that has so I have absolutely no idea what its like! anyone on here ever played/seen it??
Wasn't Mordheim always set in the "past" of the then-current "present" timeline of the Warhammer World anyway?

On the pirate games, I had a lot of fun with Pirates of the Spanish Main a few years back. It was a very simple game, but had at least a bit of strategy involved. And the printed plasticard constructable 3D models were an interesting idea - though a bit frail.
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Mordheim set about 500 years before the "present day WFB".

Funnily enough I've been looking at Man'o'War stuff this past week. A friend has bought the game. The Pirates of the Spanish Main were s range I was looking into. They do decent pirate galleys and suitable Bretonian ships.
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Were these the ones where you popped the pieces of the ship out of a card and assembled them? Had a red dice symbol on various bits of the ship for hit location or damage or something?
I am thinking about making some sailing ships based on the 1/700 scale, would essentially be waterline military cruisers converted into Sloops, Schooners, Ketches, Cutters, and Brigatines. These are sailing ships that would have the more triangular sails running parallel to the hull rather than the pirate-like perpendicular square sails of a Brig or Barque type ship. No idea of where I would even start though. Would be more of a steampunk setting than Napoleonic...

Not that I will likely get around to the idea for years to come, and it would most likely be easiest to design and 3D print something. All the feedback - especially the Pirates of the Spanish Main info - has been super cool to check out.
Were these the ones where you popped the pieces of the ship out of a card and assembled them? Had a red dice symbol on various bits of the ship for hit location or damage or something?

You are correct. The dice symbols on the masts represented the firepower of the cannons on the ship - as the ship took damage you removed masts, reducing the firepower of the ship. It was really a clever system and made it very easy to keep track of things.
I remember the dice being really ... REALLY small. Just the right size for losing off the table ... and finding with your bare feet! :eek:
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I've also always fancied playing a naval game of some type preferably napoloenic.

I've been playing a lot of Star Wars armada which is actually more of a naval game them space game, the rebels especially focus on broadside tactics and breaking the line.
I'll be very interested to see what they come up with. I'm hoping that they don't muck about with the rules AT ALL but that may be a false hope. My only concern is that if they do ... then nothing new will work with the way we all play it at the moment without significant alterations.

On the whole it looks very promising though and I'll be very pleased if 'Munda is the first off the blocks.