H: Mordheim Halfing Thief & Ogre Body Guard W: WHFB GW


Mar 2, 2016
Los Angeles
I have the Mordheim Halfling Thief Miniature and Ogre Bodyguard Miniature in Blister Packs.

Looking for these in Trade:

Warhammer Fantasy (circa 1993 to 2000) Its for my Warhammer Quest Game
-Zombies 10
-Wights 2
-Ghouls 6
-Dire Wolves 2
-Sartosa Vampire
-Mordheim Vampire
-Mordheim Female Vampire Hunter
-Mummy 1
-Skaven Sorcerer 1
-Skaven Slavemaster 1
-Gutter Runner 3
-Skaven Beast Master 1
-Chaos Sorcerer
-Goblin Clubbers & Netters 4
-Squig Hunters
-Squigs 2

Battlefleet Gothic:
Rogue Trader Ships
Imperial Transports
Imperial Cruiser
Cobra Destroyers
Imperial Light Cruisers
Orbital Station
Space Hulks
Kill Kroozer
Tyranid Leviathans

Mighty Empires
Sorry I don't have any trades but would love to buy that Ogre Bodyguard if you are selling (been looking for that one for a while).
Hi, what Vampires are you looking for? I got some Bloogdragons and Van Carsteins. If you're interested I will look for the missing parts of the Blooddragon and the mounted van Carstein.

Found also this Skaven Warlord, maybe it's sth for you

Cheers. :)