Happy New Yak! Resolutions for 2020


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Oct 24, 2013
Kettering, Northants, UK
-help organise TribeMeet Northamptonshire (Fantasymeet)
I lost so it didn’t happen
Good riddance 2020!
I’ve heard it said that you can’t really lose at frostgrave as your wizard gains experience no matter what, even if your wizard dies you gain experience yourself on how to play better next time.
You did however come bloody close lol :)
I joke of course, but I think we can all agree on
“Good riddance 2020”


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Nov 2, 2017
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Oooh forgot about this! :)

1. Finish 6x4 combined 3d riser, zone innard, sump river/toll bridge terrain board
2. Make individually converted cgc gang (4 of 8 aint bad), venators, a one special npc.. maybe an ambot also.
3. paint x3 75mm scale display pieces to learn some new things. (i did one)
4. Finish my last 2 multplayer narrative NCE campaign games to finish the story. Learn Newcromunda and start a campaign with my playgroup (very close on the start but got delyed by the saar playing wanting to wait for codex)
5. Compete in SHO and Best in the West GW painting comps.
6. Help support WA painting community as new admin to WOMP and help organise the paintng logistics side of SHO

Non Hobby:
1.... Who am i kidding, i have no life...
2. Lose 2019 dad bod weight.
3. Assess desire for second kid... start to look for a bigger house if we decide we are stupid enough to try for a second.


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Aug 3, 2016
Not going to bother listing my catalogue of failures. So what went right.

I did build a flat pack kit out of plasti-card and bulkheads. A recreation of the old cardboard Imperial firebase. Funny thing is I stumbled on this site when I searched for firebase scan pdf. Back when I was sort of getting back into things and realised I owned a number of bulkheads. Only joined so I could download it out the vault. Decided to stick around for the company.

I kept up my grognard status and went boo hiss at most of GWs new stuff.
Of course there is also some bits I like.

And one I didn't list but added in my own inventory. Was to not buy White Dwarf magazine.

I purchased a bunch of stuff that would of contributed to many of my other aims.
Whether that is a step in the right direction or just adding to the pile o' shame. I'll let 2021 decide.


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Nov 29, 2014
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
Hoo boy. Well the silver lining is that I (still) needn't fear running out of models. And I built far more in 2020 than I had realised - if only that had been my goal.

I've ended up painting only 10 models this year, and trading away 17 more. Which means that my backlog has grown by precisely 200 miniatures and a dozen scenery kits. It's been a long time since I acquired so much in one year, but then it's been an unusual trip around the sun.

Not sure yet if I'll try the same resolution for this coming year, or whether a more project-focussed set of goals might be a better move.


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Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
Belatedly get in my wife's pi-rats and our flat-pack terrain, and kick off this PAST year's Mordheim anniversary campaign. Rat King's Pi-rats versus the Three Ghosts warbands [plus everybody else's warbands too].

Update! As folks can see in the Mordheim sub-forum, this one has happened before the end of the year! Huzzah!


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Dec 29, 2012
Let’s see;

Trollholme - Completed! Whoop.
HMS Phoenix, Junker and Capitan Orangebeard - Check.
Attend Tribemeet - Boo damn Covid!!
3x3 Frostgrave Table, Train etc - whilst I didn’t build this I did build a 2x4 Sump City and Harbour so I’m counting this as mission creep and therefore complete......
Later vague promises about weight loss - Boo damn Covid! Although we do now have a home gym that I use occasionally.

That’s 3/5 or 66%!!! better than most years!

Oooo turns out I’ve also made the 3x3 Frostgrave Table in the month following the above!!

Did I mention I’ve also won the FYSC, the MRMC and been 1st loser in a couple of Yak Comps this year? It’s something I’m very modest about so you might not have realised 😘


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Jul 26, 2015
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I'm still hopeful that the gf and I will manage a game or two sometime over the Christmas period. So long as we do, then this year is likely no worse - and perhaps even better - than last year's pitiful total.

A final update to my 2020 targets. We did manage two games over Christmas - one on Christmas day and the other on NYE (which has actually become something of a tradition for us anyway). So, that takes me to five games all year, including one solo play-through.

I hope to better that this year, on which note I've started a thread for 2021 resolutions, for those that were asking above. It can be found here: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/happy-new-yak-resolutions-for-2021.10952/