Happy New Yak! Resolutions for 2021...


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Jul 26, 2015
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Are we doing resolutions for 2021, or is that for the start of the year and a new thread?
I think someone brave should start a new thread

Ok, I'll bite... What are people's resolutions (hobby and/or non-hobby) for 2021?

I guess most will be pandemic-dependent, but let's hope this year sees a return to something more normal.

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Apr 29, 2018
Haven't done year-based resolutions for some years now, but let's give a shot for 2021.

-Don't start any new projects. Kind of started this last year, as it's easy to get caught up with new ideas and purchase more than actually gets finished. Not buying new minis at all can be counter-productive if they allow you to renew your interest in a project with new conversion opportunities and the likes, or to get you out of a rut with something new and exciting, but completely new projects are not necessary. Time to get some things finished first.

-Less theory, more practice. Much of my "hobby" time is spent reading or watching things rather than doing things myself. In the past few years, and in 2020 especially (for obvious reasons), I have been getting decreasingly much work done as it was no longer necessary to complete things for certain deadlines (planned games, upcoming tournaments). Indeed, most painting I've gotten finished has been for competitions. Setting arbitrary deadlines to get things done doesn't really work for me, but I may look into some solo rules to try out with, naturally, only painted miniatures. Paradoxically, being more active on social media may help too if I want to share my latest work, rather than just watch what others have done. But most importantly...

-Make painting/hobbying a habit again. When my standard laptop space is a nice comfy chair, I'm not getting any work done. If it's my desk, I can simultaneously have some stream on and paint figures. With the new daylight lamp I bought, I no longer have an excuse not to do any work. So let's get some work done. Right now. End of message.


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Nov 10, 2014
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A brave yak steps up, thanks @Ben_S! 😁

My hobby resolution for this year is getting a Gaslands community going on "my" island. It is somewhat pandemic-sensitive, but if I start with building a couple more teams and a tables worth of terrain, I should be ready once vaccines and summer starts to kick in. (y) The first 2-3 cars are already underway. With the 3 cars I finished last year I'll have two playable teams very soon(TM).

Another resolution is somewhat of a classic. I have to get in better shape, I've put on a lot of weight and lost quite a bit of stamina over the last year. Mostly as a result of me being home with the kids all the time, my laziness and sweet tooth has worked against me. The boys turn 3 and 5 this spring, so more working in the garden and climbing trees, less drinking coffee, eating snacks and watching Wild Kratts.


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Apr 4, 2017
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Now then, I have to go to work.


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Mar 1, 2017
Whilst I have a project list my main hobby resolution is to be more strategic, and organised in hobby approach. So one project (or sub-project) on the desk at once. Keep the desk ready to enable little and often. Finish one before moving to the next. Whilst I did a bunch of stuff in 2020 I didn't finish much.

Also I think this should let me take more advantage of FYSC etc..

So first up in January is to finish the first of my Warcry bands - the Iron Golems. Then I think, return to finish some Blackstone Fortress elements.

Those are the games I'm likely to play first once any lockdown eases. Necromunda can wait till later once I see what kind of rhythm I get. It's all change with jobs this year so not gonna over commit.

Otherwise, I seriously need to lose weight this year and maintain the good elements of this year, such as the gardening, and games with kids.

That'll do for now..

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Dec 16, 2015
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@MedMos Less watching wild kratts! My kid has gone thru so many creature powers but has been stuck as a Komodo Dragon for the past 3 months. Pretty hard work for Santas elves to build a Komodo Dragon toy.

Resolution to keep my hobby groove going and finish another 14 minis this year!

Outside of hobby...quit job. Get cholesterol under control and off meds. Finish our cottage. Start a new nonprofit. Get back on the 5 year retirement plan. Getting old sucks!

Sump Duck

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Mar 9, 2020
I'll throw my hat in the ring.

1. Continue to paint as and when I buy so I don't amass a pile of shame.

2. Play my first game of Necromunda.
Extra credit: Play one with each of the factions I have.

3. Build and paint some terrain. Although I haven't built a pile of shame I do have a box of trash ready to be made into terrain. So far the prospect of shiny new minis has been more enticing than the box of trash.
Extra credit: Build a tables worth of terrain.

4. Build and paint some hangers on for my gangs.
Extra credit: Paint one of the non Necromunda minis I have from when I was a kid.
Extra extra credit: Paint the 300+ tiny spaceships in Twilight Imperium.


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Dec 29, 2012
Pasted from my thread - planned Troll projects for 2021 in no particular order;

  1. Finish the Tallarn / Ash Waste Nomad Riders
  2. Convert my 4 old Necromunda Towers from Clockworks Green years to modular for storage purposes. I’ve been planning this for at least 3 years...
  3. Convert a Sentinel Powerlifter for Sump City / Trollholme
  4. Build Heisenbergs hovel for Trollholme (Now built needs paint)
  5. Paint my set of @Mad Robot dock workers and send the other set to @spafe 🤣 (The Troll post is rubbish!)
  6. Make a spooky tree for Trollholme
Let’s see how I do, it’s a rather more conservative hobby target than last year.

Non hobby I want to get back into some decent fitness once I’ve shook of this Covid business, lockdown and working from home hasn’t done me any favours in that regard.


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Jul 26, 2015
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Ok, now other people have had a go, I guess I should try making some too...


1. Covid-allowing, try to play more. In particular, try to get some games in with the gf if I can. That may be tricky as she sometimes finds games more stressful rather than enjoyable, and she's going to have a busy work schedule for the first part of the year, so I may have to compromise on what we play and when.

2. Diversify. Since our Blood Bowl group seemingly drifted apart pre-Covid, Frostgrave's been my only real gaming interest. While I don't have absolutely everything I could ever want, I've got much more than I need, so it may be time to look at other gaming systems. I fancy something futuristic (sci-fi or post-apoc). At the moment, I'm waiting to find out more about Stargrave (due in April), but Gorkamorka has always appealed to me. They look the current favourites, but it could be something else.

3. Get my hobby stuff more sorted. This doesn't necessarily mean buying less - I may have to buy more, for #2 - but I could really do with better storage and (Covid-allowing) selling off some of the things that I don't expect I'll ever use.


1. Try to stay (get?) in shape. This doesn't necessarily mean losing weight or anything, but I probably need more exercise and a healthier diet. Being largely at home the last 9 months hasn't helped, of course, though we did get into walks in local woodland so - at minimum - I want to keep that up for fitness. I've been struggling lately with back ache, so may need to take up yoga or something and find a better working-from-home set up than I currently have.


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
Finish the painting ive started in 2020

paint what I’ve purchased in 2020 (more than in the past few years combined!)

Rejoin the FYSC

do at least one comp a season (but gonna shoot for more)

lose weight. Maybe get a haircut. Wanna look less like Jonny Ramone absorbed Marky Ramone, and stored him in his gut...


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Aug 3, 2016
Keeping it nice and simple this year.

GorkMorka mob. Bought a bunch of orks in '20 so now time to do something with them. Who knows maybe I should dream big and even hope to get a game in. The boxing day Nob is looking very tempting right now.

Finish Frost grave warband. Pretty much built already with bits of paint here or there.

Spyrer gang. Have an Orrus and Malcadon so far.

1500pts 2nd ed 40k army. Well to begin it at least. Either guard or marine.

Try and keep a clean and tidy hobby area. The amount of times I'm put off doing anything because of all the junk In the way is definitely noticeable. Hopefully this will extend to the state I keep my home in general.

And as we're veering away from hobby stuff with that last one. The usual exercise more eat less etc waffle.

Buy a folding bike to help with above mentioned exercise.


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Nov 29, 2014
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With lessons learnt from the year we could all have done without, my resolutions are:
  1. Set achievable goals. Arguably a bit of a cheat, this one but it's also sort of a non-hobby resolution; I could politely be called an inveterate optimist but mainly I drastically under-estimate my own laziness when making plans.
  2. Get blackstone fortress painted. With social restrictions continuing and my wife having grown up on Heroquest and WHQ, this is the game I have the best chance of playing in 2021.
  3. Build and paint 1000pts of Admech for 40k. Started planning a crusade campaign with friends after 9th ed released, and this was the army I felt I could best kit-bash from what I already had. Going for a slightly rag-tag feel and the force led by an Abominable Intelligence posing as a tech priest. My first army project in I think 15 years.
  4. Base and paint dark eldar kill team. Another game we sometimes play at home, and the first time I've really felt the need to do more than just apply sand, oddments and paint for bases. Which is where the whole unit stalled, originally.
  5. Try out at least three concept kit-bashes, built if not painted. I have a number of ideas swimming around my skull, such as playing Warcry over Necromunda terrain set in the age of strife, Gorkamorka orks made from AoS Kairic acolytes, or scavvies converted from chainrasps. The ideas tend to distract me right when I sit down with another project, so if I allow myself to do a few minis as proof of concept instead of trying to ignore them, I'm hoping I'll be more productive in the end.
This is probably drastically over-ambitious -106 minis in 52 weeks- considering that I managed to paint all of ten models in 2020. But my first list also included a dark eldar army and the whole of Silver Tower, so I am attempting to stick to number 1.

(Though in the name of full disclosure, I have just been told my chances of success are slim at best. When the laughter stopped. Nothing like a supportive spouse...)


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Jan 19, 2019
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@Ben_S I came online saying to myself "Okay, if nobody else has done a New Yak resolution thread, I am doing one!" so thanks for taking that terrible burden onto your shoulders.

Anyway, hobby-wise:

1.) Not lose steam and actually finish the "all gangs" project by painting 9 Van Saar.
2.) Expand the "All Gangs" project by painting the expansion packs for all gangs (considering that's 4-5 extra minis per gang and the color schemes are set already, it seems more doable than last year's resolution, and I almost finished that)
3.) Finish at least some of my half-finished projects so I can theoretically field them as armies once in-person gaming is on again, that mostly means finishing
  • Death Guard: 10 Marines, 5 Terminators, 30 Poxwalkers, 2 Bloat Drones
  • Kharadrons: 10 Dwarf Sailors, 10 Dwarf Marines, 12 guys with flying backpacks, one Frigate, 3 Gunhaulers and that damn Ironclad which has been consuming my life lately.
  • Sigmarines: It's a good 40 dudes plus a few assorted guys riding chickens and lizards, but I'm painting Hallowed Knights, so it's lots and lots of drybrushing mostly.
  • Edit: MECHANICUS, I'm an idiot, I have a full battle patrol planned out and primed, so these guys need painting too.
4.) Play games. This is generally a thing I do very little, I mostly paint and collect, so I resolve to get a bit more into the gaming side of things. Last time I did that, a global pandemic happened. So yeah, here's hoping I don't damn all of us with my resolution to maybe play more than one game every two months.
5.) As a side project, actually find out how many Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines I really own and decide what to do with them. I keep finding stuff I can't remember having, so this needs doing.
6.) Embrace the hobby Chaos. This goes against what a lot of people said, but I figured out I work better when I have several projects going at once, so when I run out of steam with one, I can jump to the other. I started doing this around September, and it works well for me. It also means I often work on six or seven projects in a single day, only applying miniscule steps to each, but if I did not work like that I'd get distracted or tired and do very little on one project in the same time. I do not really have clinical ADHD, but I have a few ADHD personality traits, that much is obvious to everyone including me.


1.) Finish working on the apartment. I need to put a new floor into one room, organize a bathroom renovation my landlords want to pay for as long as they don't have to plan anything, get some new furniture, etc. etc.
2.) Once the apartment is finished and it's after summer, adopt a cat. I am still ruminating on the commitment of owning a pet completely by myself, but I am pretty certain the desire to have a fluffy feline roommate again will win out towards the end of the year.
3.) Travel. This is the reason 2 includes "after summer" as I want to actually go on a long, big vacation next summer, if the global situation allows it (I am allowing myself a fair bit of optimism here, I know). I saved some money by doing next to nothing this year, and haven't really traveled since 2012, so I hope at least a camping holiday in Italy will be on the table.
4.) Sports: Yeah, yeah, me too. But paradoxically, I need to gain weight again. I managed to develop semi-healthy eating habits in quarantine somehow, but then ruined all that with a lot of stress and anxiety problems, which in my case means I ate way too little and lost weight very fast, which is not healthy either. I fixed my eating habits, now I need to get the little amount of muscle and stamina back that I lost with my odd sedentary starvation lifestyle.
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Sump Duck

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Mar 9, 2020
Well I've already completed a resolution, eat my dust losers, I am the champion of 2021!

I played my first game of Necromunda at the weekend. Okay okay, it was a pretty low bar for a resolution, I rescind my champion title and take back my previous unkind comments.
And to be fair I lost the game and lost hard, but it's not the final result that matters. . . it's the lasting injuries we picked up along the way.


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Jul 12, 2011
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Hobby stuff:
Play more games of anything than I did in 2020. Given that I played 2 games of BFG all year that shouldn't be difficult.
The usual "paint more than I buy"... which usually never happens.
Finish my Sumptown table at least until its playable. I can add more details later.
Paint a set of pipes and 6 more wall sections for my Zone Mortalis table to finish that off.
WHFB armies. Finish some (goblins, undead and empire) until they look like actual playable armies. Sell off other bits (Dwarfs, Wood Elves and Chaos).
BFG fleets. Finish some, sell others. Orks are almost done. Rogue Trader fleet needs a few more cruisers. Tau aren't started. Sell off Eldar and Necrons.

Don't go on a murderous rampage.
Keep up the exercise. Lose another stone or so. Be fitter. Do more fit people things.
Sell the house I failed to sell last year.
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