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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hello! Our group is about to start a medium length campaign of SW:A, and one of the teams we have are Harlequins.

We've only done 2 test games with them and they seem to be extremely strong, almost untouchable by orks, even with flipbelt fix from FAQ. What kinds of house rules do you use for harleys (and if they are fine as it is, what tactics would you use against them as orks?)
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Nov 26, 2016
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I won two out of two games with my orks against harlies :p
You just have to be lucky, and gather the right alignment of stars and planets.

Seriously though, first game: ambush as the attacker. My opponent did NOTHING else than to fail his first bottle test (because yes, it was a massacre).
Second game, I don't remember what the scenario was, but just like usual with orks: short/mid range is your friend, anormal amount of sustained fire dice, some combo charges and overal, much larger number of fighters. So be sure to always get an occasion to shoot massively at a charging harly, and/or do combined charges. Then, because of numbers, and depending on scenarios, the rest should be doable.

Having said that, it is true that harlies have very powerful combos, and an average luck with your dice, and even poor tactical choices, may lead you to victory.... which can be frustrating for the opposing party.
My most frustrating game was against skitarii campers with two arqbuses at the top of remote super high towers, and slippery grounds. Nightmare with my orks.


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
Just remember that Harliquinns only have 6 models on the table maximum so will start to bottle test after losing 1-2 guys.

They also have a rule that reduces the amount of models used where random numbers are rolled.

You just have to really focus on taking 1 model down at a time with all of your firepower.
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Feb 8, 2013
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they are one of the top level warbands... my advice is to stick with it, orks have a lovely thing in that numbers come good. Smae logic as my 40k guard army... math hammer is pretty useless for marines as they roll so few dice the averages they get in any one battle can be way off... the numbers of dice you roll over a game will mean averages begin to actually pull through. So get into shoota range, and let rip... eventually a shot or 2 will get through and then the clowns are on a real knife edge of balance.

If you can, ask to swap and try using them for a game...that will give a great insight into how fragile they 'feel' when playing with them.
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