N18 Helot Cult 1500 skirmish


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Jan 11, 2013
Greetings chaps!

A quick bit of background: In between campaigns my group and I tend to play skirmish games of 1500 creds so that players can practise with any new gangs, or refine old ones that they may want to use in the next campaign. I find that 1500 creds is a good limit because its roughly where you'll be getting, close to downtime. So not only are players trialing and refining new gang ideas, they also have a good idea of what they're building towards, from their starting rosters, when the next campaign gets underway.

Our next campaign is going to be an Uprising campaign and since I'm the Arbiter it behooves me to take on the role of chaos and play the heel. I've already got the BSF chaos minis painted and the new World Eater Jakhals look amazing therefore:

The combinations of cunning and ferocity skills = amazing. The two best trees imo and I like the idea of running a mid- hoarde gang that can swamp the opposition in bodies whilst also having some heavy hitters and tricky tricks.

General tips and advice greatly appreciated. Likewise just general chat about chaos helot gangs in general - which I don't have a huge amount of experience with, beyond 1 or 2 one-off games.

In particular I'm wondering about the Witch powers. I've currently gone for hallucinations but also really like the look of Wall of Flame from the Pyromancy tree. 12" range incendiary grenades that never run out and immunity to Blaze look like a really bad ass combination!

As part of the skirmish rules I also allow players to spend 20xp, which I have not done yet (Some Willpower upgrades on those champs with familiars are a must!).

Anyway, enough rambling, thanks for reading this far and look forward to any discussion. 😁
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Very cool gang... it looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play. Plenty of bodies and the ability to fight at any range makes for a good, fun gang.

I do have a couple of questions, though. What's with the choke and stun grenades on your GL Disciple? Would it disrupt your plans to get rid of those and replace them by taking Smoke Grenades from one of the Cultists?

Does the presence of the Balefie Thrower mean that you have Trading Post access at creation? If so, I'd suggest using the saved points from the grenades to replace some Autopistols with Bolt Pistols to add a bit more crunch at short range.

Alternately, you could get another familiar to protect your Heavy Stubber.
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Thanks dude. 😁

Yes sorry, 500 creds can be from the trading post.

I actually had a little rethink earlier. 1A and WS 4 on Disciples isn't actually that great and familiars seem a bit meh with Willpower 8, so I switched up the roles a bit.

This variation gives me a better starting roster when I finally start rolling it back to 1,000 creds for a starting roster - I can add the infiltrating Disciple once I've got access to the trading post, rather than having to double spend on weapons for the boss (Who can't start with a Balefire Thrower).