N18 Helot starting gang


Mar 21, 2018
Here’s the load out for my first Helot gang. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/the_heralds_of_beauty_&_ruin_.365353/
Ive tried to balance numbers with decent gear.

I really like the idea of the Witch, and think I’ve found a way to mitigate their awful stats - they’ll hang back using dark shield to protect important guys n gals, and use the hand flamer (bypassing bs) to deter charges/crisp anyone who gets too close.

I did have one cultist with a shotgun, but decided backup pistols were probably more useful on his mates with poor ammo roles on their primary weapons.

I’ve not used this gang before, or played much, so perhaps I’m missing a trick?
Not sure if it's allowed to have boss/2 x champs and a witch, think you might have to drop a champ maybe? I've tried scouring with the witch and it's not very effective cos it's only st2 but I have caused people to fall off walkways and set some ablaze. Chaos familiars are brilliant and will keep boss/champs/witches alive a lot longer. I don't think much of autoguns and lasguns myself I prefer lots of melee fighters with flails or chainswords. Dark shield to protect your big shooters sounds like a great idea but you don't actually have the best arsenal with chaos. Long rifles and grenade launchers are pretty good picks tho. Are Plasmaguns available? Warhammer Community recently had an article with a chaos corrupted ambot which iirc you can actually take as a gang boss, that might be worth a shout.
I’ve checked and you can indeed have the Witch in addition to the two champs.

Plasma isn’t available in the starting load out for this gang. I could cheap out with reclaimed autoguns to save some credits but don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the reliability for.
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So i dont think you can start with a specialist, new recruits can just be equipped with special weapons. With the witch look out for the powers in the book of outcast, theres some crackers in it.

I wouldnt bother with the flak armour, either go for mesh or save the credits.
Some thoughts:

Leader, 2x champions and Witch is perfectly legit, its one of the main plusses of helots. However I don't think you can start with a Specialist, cult gangs typically can't, its house gangs who benefit from that rule.

Your witch can start with both a Wyrd power and a starting skill as per Book of the Outcast, that book also has a lot more wyrd spell choices (as mentioned above) so do refer to it if you have it.

As mentioned above, flak is a poor investment, id save the money until you can get Mesh, I wouldn't bother armouring lasgun gangers at all, spend the money on better guns, Shotguns are neat.

Overseer is a poor skill choice for your leader, Overseer is useful if a) you have a big gun that you want to fire twice or b) you have a big melee threat you want to launch up the board. Your list has neither, so your leader would be better off with a skill he can make use of.
Thanks for the advice! I’ll have a look In the Outcasts book, and re-evaluate my leaders skill.

So if I understand correctly, I can take a regular cultist with a special weapon at creation, just not a specialist?